Barbatus Catholic Podcast

Manly and natural, rough, worthless and austere. Join Gustavo and Walther as they talk about the Catholic faith, life and culture. With a passion for storytelling and Mexican folklore they hope to inspire whoever participates in the conversation.


E47: Being pro-life ft. Fr. Daniel Cruz
Show Details49min 11s
E46: A Chat with Ryan Ayala
Show Details47min 53s
E45: Epiphany
Show Details39min 45s
E44: Feliz Navidad
Show Details1hr 1min
E43: Advent Part III
Show Details30min 57s
E42: Advent Part II
Show Details43min 39s
E41: Advent Part I
Show Details47min 7s
E40: Thank You Catholic Church
Show Details47min 33s
E39: Hobbies
Show Details45min 51s
E38: Be a Reservoir
Show Details43min 10s
E37: Memento Mori
Show Details47min 30s
E36: Godsidences
Show Details41min 43s
E35: Anger Management
Show Details49min 1s
E34: Not Mexican Enough
Show Details41min 29s
E33: The Sacrifice of the Mass
Show Details49min 56s
E32: The Man from Pietrelcina
Show Details43min 4s
E31: A Hidden Life
Show Details46min 15s
E30: Our Lady of Sorrows
Show Details26min 40s
E29: Be Not Afraid
Show Details36min 44s
E28: In Search for Meaning
Show Details45min 38s
E27: The Definition of a Gentleman
Show Details51min
E26: Proper Form
Show Details43min 34s
E25: Natural Family Planning
Show Details38min 15s
E24: Discernment of Spirits
Show Details51min 21s
E23: I'm Mexican
Show Details44min 11s
E22: Spirituality of Solanus Casey
Show Details55min 2s
E21: Father's Day
Show Details56min 34s
E20: La Familia
Show Details44min 35s
E19: JRR Tolkien
Show Details43min 14s
E18: Viri Virtutis
Show Details41min 54s
E17: The Twelve Degrees of Humility
Show Details50min 31s
E16: Little Help From My Friends
Show Details37min 58s
E15: Mother's Day
Show Details44min 31s
E14: What's In A Name
Show Details44min 42s
E13: The Cry Room
Show Details44min 56s
E12: Building a Catholic Memories Catalog
Show Details48min 57s
E11: Divine Mercy
Show Details45min 36s
E10: Holy Week, Part II. Good Friday to Easter Sunday.
Show Details46min 8s
E9: Holy Week, Part I. Palm Sunday to Holy Thursday.
Show Details46min 53s
E8: Ite Ad Ioseph (BONUS)
Show Details51min 5s
E7: Heal (your soul) like Wolverine.
Show Details46min 42s
E6: Eat (Fish) Pray (the Via Crucis) Love (the Lord)
Show Details41min 55s
E5: The three pillars of Lent: Almsgiving.
Show Details43min 40s
E4: The three pillars of Lent: Fasting.
Show Details49min 26s
E3: The three pillars of Lent: Prayer.
Show Details48min 25s
E2: Invitations, love stories, and bamboozling
Show Details51min 33s
E1: This is Barbatus. How, why and Solanus
Show Details36min 25s
Show Details2min 26s