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Observe and Retort: the news you missed this week

We bring you the week's best weird, obscure, or underreported news stories that have slipped under the radar, but definitely deserved more attention. Observe & Retort releases every Tuesday.


Week 28 of 2021: all things must end
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Week 27 of 2021: cop psychology, champagne diplomacy, & cocaine cacti
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Week 26 of 2021: burning, breaches of trust, & betrayal from your own grandfather
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Week 24 & 25 of 2021: football fraud, financial fraud, & defrauding death
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Week 22 & 23 of 2021: swingers, robots, & Uttar Pradesh
Show Details1hr 5min
Week 21 of 2021: slime crime quick-thinking time, the enchanted guitar, & pikachu's political power
Show Details39min 17s
Week 20 of 2021: power plants & potholes
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Week 19 of 2021: dungeons, dragons, & a dreadful air force
Show Details52min 20s
Week 18, 2021: unbelievable discoveries, unsafe orbits, & explosive orgasms
Show Details59min 19s
Week 17 of 2021: Chad, clones & the cursed VHS
Show Details52min 34s
Week 16 of 2021: league of their own, donut death, & the Krakow creature conundrum
Show Details1hr 4min
Week 14 & 15 of 2021: billions to bust, military unmentionables, & a marriage miracle
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Week 13 of 2021: step-boat I'm stuck, fake fake news, & lots of love
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Week 12 of 2021: French flatpack felonies, Spain shrinking struggles, & Denmark disappoints
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Week 11 of 2021: the line in the sand, noodle nightmare, & cheerleading corruption
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Week 10 of 2021: executions, earthquakes, & erections.
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Week 9 of 2021: reptiles, rollerblades, & crimes against pizza
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Week 8 of 2021: grinding nemo, inception reception, & an immaculate conception
Show Details55min 14s
Week 7 of 2021: citizenship, sperm, & a tooth in a blender
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Week 6 of 2021: avalanches, ice skating, & injuries
Show Details55min 47s
Week 5 of 2021: drug prison, dick prison, & squirrel contraception
Show Details1hr 13min
Week 4 of 2021: hedge fund horror, cock cupcakes, & exquisite dinosaur buttholes
Show Details1hr 7min
Week 3 of 2021: avian execution avoidance, the worst job offer, & feline soup
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Week 2 of 2021: willy waving, news shaming, & a dramatic potato
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Week 1 of 2021: unique taxidermy, tunnels of infidelity, & Celine Dion
Show Details50min 54s
Week 53 of 2020: the news we missed this YEAR
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Week 52, 2020: the greatest prank call in history, tweet murder, & bathroom raves.
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Week 50 & 51: blocking puberty blockers, homophobic hypocrisy, & Hitler in Namibia
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Week 49: flushing your career, Inuit blood, & old people fucking.
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Week 48: a weekly wtf extravaganza
Show Details1hr 19min
Week 47: Pineapple becomes mayor, undercover clowns, & a helicopter heart hullabaloo
Show Details1hr 15min
Week 46: Danish king loses head, the worst job opportunity, and robot-wolf vs bear
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Week 45: dog-meat saviours, charity traffickers, & the definition of 'full contact'
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Week 44: Cannibal castration, German art attack and penguin baby drama.
Show Details56min 40s
Week 42 & 43: #metoo reaches Denmark, woman ghosted by a ghost, & the Danish Elon Musk's prison escape.
Show Details1hr 9min
Week 41: a Russian Cinderella story, an Aussie-shit show, & Thai tripadvisor trouble
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Week 40: birdwatchers get aggressive, pregnant woman vs shark, & 345,000 recycled condoms.
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Week 39: death-by-selfie, ISIS snitches, and a floppy rebellion
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Week 38: dick destruction, lululemon's idiocy, & a return to Belarus
Show Details1hr 13min
Week 37: living a black lie, Russian tourist activities, & it's raining weed
Show Details1hr 12min
Week 36: Brazilian murder scandal, boy destroys a language, & Christians against dinosaurs.
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Week 35: an eye-opening autopsy & Danish Intelligence not so intelligent
Show Details56min 10s
Week 34: princesses, period leave, and guns pointed at penises
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Week 33: a runaway king, zombie insects, & arm-grown penises.
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Week 32: students kidnapping themselves, Europe's 'last dictatorship' catches some spies, & junk food monkeys
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Week 31: a life or death movie recommendation, IKEA vs Poland, and the struggle to remain hopeful
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Week 30: antisemitism in the black community, #freebritney, & Colombian cartels' public health initiatives
Show Details1hr 44min
Week 29: seduction in Nepal, house fire heroes, & secret torture chambers
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Week 28: organised crime, penises, & flights to nowhere.
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Trailer: Bringing you the news you missed this week
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