133: How to Break Cycles that Started Before You Were Born (aka Intergenerational Trauma) with Dr. Mariel Buqué

38m | Jan 8, 2024

This one's for the cycle breakers, and in this episode we're unpacking intergenerational trauma.

Dr. Mariel Buqué, trauma-informed Psychologist and author of the book BREAK THE CYCLCE: A Guide to Healing Intergenerational Trauma breaks it down for us.

Together we explore how to recognize when generational trauma is impacting us today, identifying unhealthy patterns that get passed down in families, how trauma shows up in our bodies and our nervous systems, and steps we can take to break the cycles we're caught in that started before we were born.

You deserved someone to protect you from generational pain and break the cycle, that always remains true. Now, let's take steps to get the support you need to be the cycle breaker for yourself, your family, and the next generation.

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