123: Parenting a Child with Chronic Illness: A Personal Story of Type One Diabetes with Amanda Berg

50m | Jul 24, 2023

Following on the heels of our last episode all about navigating unexpected challenges and diagnoses as a parent, in this episode Dr. Cassidy talks to a parent who has been through it.

Amanda Berg is a mom to a type one diabetic toddler and former NICU RN and contributor to the organization Type One Together. Her toddler was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at 26 months old (when here second baby was only 4 months old)!

In this episode she brings the raw and real of what living with a Type One toddler is like, with a focus on her mental health, getting support, and making meaning. As Amanda would say, "no sugar coating here. We're not happy all the time, and we're not sad all the time. Just real life, with a really hard disease."

You can learn more about Type One Together at Also be sure to check out the Type One Together brand new podcast, The 108 Podcast!

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