130: Disability Parenting and Finding the Right Support with Casey Mouton

58m | Oct 23, 2023

I am so excited to introduce you to Casey Mouton, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and mom.

Casey was the first therapist I hired to join my group practice, and today you get to hear her story.

Casey is a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety, and in today's episode she shares how that experience showed her the kind of support she truly needs. Learning about the type of support SHE needs became protective later on when her son unexpectedly had a stroke and she found herself navigating parenting a child with a disability. She shares how her partner had different needs in terms of support, the mental load of parenting a child with a disability, and steps you can take to feel less alone in your own parenting journey.

TW: this story includes a medical emergency associated with Covid and discussions of postpartum depression and anxiety. Sometimes listening to someone else's story is exactly what we need, and sometimes we're not in a space yet to witness someone else's experience, and that's ok. 

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Napa Center

Disability Resource Guide 

PSI Support Groups

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