136: How to Carry Less While Enjoying Motherhood More with Erica Djossa

51m | Mar 11, 2024

In this episode I invited Erica Djossa, Canadian based psychotherapist, founder of Momwell, and author of the book Releasing the Motherload: How to Carry Less and Enjoy Motherhood More, back on to the podcast!

Together we discuss:

• An introduction to intensive mothering: unpacking societal expectations and the weight of invisible burdens in motherhood.

• The role of comparison and social media in exacerbating feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm.

• Strategies for releasing control and redistributing responsibilities to alleviate burnout and foster personal growth.

• Embracing values over perfectionism: practical steps for identifying core values and aligning actions with your most aligned beliefs.

• Recognizing the potential for growth and transformation when we embrace discomfort.

• Creating space for self-care within motherhood: the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing mental well-being.

Resources Mentioned:

• Releasing the Motherload book: pre-order at

• The Invisible Load of Postpartum episode 48

• Find Erica on Instagram @momwell

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