137: Navigating Pregnancy During and After Complications with Emily Oster

28m | Apr 22, 2024

In this episode I invite you to tune into my conversation with Emily Oster, professor of Economics, parenting data expert and NYT Bestselling Author. We dive deep into her latest release, "Unexpected," where she explores the often murky waters of pregnancy complications.

Together we explore:

*Understanding Pregnancy Complications: Emily shares some fascinating insights from "Unexpected," her newest book. We talk about the common threads among pregnancy complications and why it's crucial to understand why things happen during pregnancy. Hint: it's not always as straightforward as we'd like it to be.

*Dealing with Medical Gaslighting: Ever heard of medical gaslighting? It's a real thing, and it can leave you feeling dismissed and invalidated by healthcare providers. Emily and I dive into this topic and discuss the importance of feeling supported by your medical provider.

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