Nathan Berry-Entrepreneur and Athlete

58m | Aug 17, 2022

Welcome to the Know Your Leading Edge Podcast (K.Y.L.E.)! We speak strength into people's lives, ensuring people know their true value, in hopes they will grow their impact in their own circles to bring about a better community, a better life, and a better world.

In this episode, we are honored to speak with Nathan Berry, a phenomenal athlete, business owner, father and leader. He is the principal owner of After Hours Plumbing and Heating Incorporated. Nathan's been a huge part of the building of the Leaf Gym community and force for good in the Wenatchee Valley.

Kyle and Nate discuss:

- Professional and family life

- Childhood hobbies and memories

- CrossFit experiences

- Coaching life and fatherhood

- Proudest moment in life

- Thoughts above some motivational quotes

- What makes a great coach

- What they are struggling with

- Advice for those who try to make a business

How to get involved:

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