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Episode 1
2m | Jul 14, 2022

We all have our health and fitness journeys. Regardless of where we are on our path, it's always inspiring to hear about the successes and challenges of others. No one's journey is perfect, and these stories show that everyone has their struggles along the way. But ultimately, these people have found ways to persevere and continue on their paths to better health.

Kyle Vierck is a husband and a father of two preteen girls, an entrepreneur, a gym owner, a born risk-taker, and a coach of his core. Kyle is also a servant leader, a follower of Jesus, and a humble learner in search of insights that he might someday be able to share with you to equip you more fully for your life's journey.

In this podcast, Kyle Vierck will share and showcase the life health and fitness journeys of our members at leading-edge athletics and fitness to gather their unique insights into the world and learn how their path might inform yours that could inspire and motivate to live a more richly fulfilling life.

What You’ll Learn

  • Health and Fitness Journey of successful members
  • Insights of top-level coaches
  • Challenges and struggles in fitness journey and how to overcome them

How to get involved:

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Know Your Leading Edge