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Let's Talk Scripture

Verse by verse Bible study and commentary with Pastor Eric Lee. Deep and instructive teaching for critical students as well as beginners.

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The Sermon on the Mount (Part 2) - Matthew 5:21-48
Show Details1hr 5min
The Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:1-20
Show Details1hr 3min
God Shows No Partiality - Romans 2:11
Show Details6min 5s
Jesus Begins His Public Ministry - Matthew 4:12-25
Show Details41min 44s
The Temptations of Jesus - Matthew 4:1-17
Show Details1hr 13min
John the Baptist - Matthew Chapter 3
Show Details1hr 2min
Understanding How New Testament Writers Quoted the Old Testament
Show Details23min 24s
Gentiles (Magi) Worship Jesus - Matthew 2
Show Details1hr 8min
The Birth of Jesus, the Messiah - Matthew 1:18-25
Show Details35min 39s
The Genealogy of Jesus, The Messiah - Matthew 1:1-17
Show Details1hr 5min
Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew
Show Details24min 31s
Laws Dealing With Personal Liability - Exodus Chapter 21:22-36
Show Details34min 28s
Laws Concerning Slaves - Exodus Chapter 21:1-21
Show Details1hr
The Ten Commandments - Exodus Chapter 20
Show Details59min 18s
God Comes to Mount Sinai- Exodus Chapter 19
Show Details38min 34s
Jethro Gives Moses Wise Counsel - Exodus Chapter 18
Show Details26min 11s
God Provides Water and Defeats Amalek - Exodus Chapter 17
Show Details26min 21s
God Provides Bread in the Wilderness - Exodus Chapter 16
Show Details54min 32s
The Song of Moses and Israel Quickly Complains - Exodus Chapter 15
Show Details49min 28s
Moses Divides the Red Sea - Exodus Chapter 14
Show Details51min 15s
Dedication of the Firstborn- Exodus Chapter 13
Show Details47min 32s
The Memorial of the Passover - Exodus Chapter 12 (part 3)
Show Details57min 4s
The Feast of Unleavened Bread - Exodus Chapter 12 (part 2)
Show Details37min 20s
The Passover - Exodus Chapter 12 (part 1)
Show Details44min 9s
God Warns Pharaoh Death of the Firstborn - Exodus Chapter 11
Show Details30min 56s
God Smites Egypt with Locusts and Darkness - Exodus Chapter 10
Show Details51min 31s
God Strikes Cattle, Sends Blisters and Rains Hail on Egypt - Exodus Chapter 9
Show Details52min 29s
Frogs and Flies Plague the Egyptians - Exodus Chapter 8
Show Details46min 30s
The Rod into a Serpent; Waters turned to Blood; Satanic Duplication - Exodus Chapter 7
Show Details47min 44s
God Assures Moses of Israel’s Deliverance - Exodus Chapter 6
Show Details52min 52s
Pharaoh Rejects God’s Command - Exodus Chapter 5
Show Details27min 51s
God Hardens Pharaoh - Exodus 4:21 (Supplemental Teaching)
Show Details1hr 1min
Moses Accepts His Commission- Exodus Chapter 4
Show Details48min 25s
The Call of Moses - Exodus Chapter 3
Show Details54min 5s
Moses, the Deliverer … Not Yet - Exodus Chapter 2
Show Details39min 37s
Hebrew Slaves in Egypt - Exodus Chapter 1
Show Details28min 36s
Introduction to the Book of Exodus
Show Details23min 15s
Jacob and Joseph’s Death (Genesis Begins With Life But Ends With Death) - Genesis Chapter 50
Show Details41min 39s
Jacob’s Prophetic Blessings to His Sons Before Death- Genesis Chapter 49
Show Details59min 43s
Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons - Genesis Chapter 48
Show Details28min 19s
The Famine of Egypt Continues - Genesis Chapter 47
Show Details46min 44s
Jacob Goes Down To Egypt - Genesis Chapter 46
Show Details48min 34s
Joseph is Reconciled With His Brothers - Genesis Chapter 45
Show Details43min 3s
Joseph’s Silver Cup - Test #3 - Genesis Chapter 44
Show Details27min 16s
Does Hebrews 6:4-8 teach that you can lose your salvation?
Show Details54min 22s
Joseph’s Brothers Return to Buy Grain - TEST #2 - Genesis Chapter 43
Show Details38min 50s
Joseph’s Brothers Buy Grain in Egypt - Genesis Chapter 42
Show Details34min 15s
Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams - Genesis Chapter 41
Show Details39min 48s
Joseph Interprets the Cupbearer’s and Baker’s Dreams - Genesis Chapter 40
Show Details25min 25s
Joseph, Slavery and Imprisonment - Genesis Chapter 39
Show Details34min 31s
Judah Marries a Canaanite - Genesis Chapter 38
Show Details52min 12s
Joseph, the Favored Son, Sold as a Slave - Genesis Chapter 37
Show Details51min 39s
The Descendants of Esau - Genesis Chapter 36
Show Details28min
Jacob Returns to Bethel - Genesis Chapter 35
Show Details52min
The Rape of Dinah - Genesis Chapter 34
Show Details43min 59s
Jacob and Esau are Reconciled! - Genesis Chapter 33
Show Details23min 2s
Jacob Wrestles With God - Genesis Chapter 32
Show Details41min 15s
Jacob Flees from Laban - Genesis Chapter 31
Show Details45min 43s
Jacob Prospers Despite Laban’s Treachery - Genesis Chapter 30
Show Details58min 5s
Jacob's Deception - The deceiver is deceived! - Genesis Chapter 29
Show Details38min 31s
Jacob's Dream - Genesis Chapter 28
Show Details31min 40s
Jacob's Deception - Genesis Chapter 27
Show Details42min 29s
God will provide - a lesson from the childhood of Jesus
Show Details4min 26s
The Sign of the Birth of Jesus
Show Details5min 7s
What is baptism? Is it required to be saved?
Show Details8min 28s
What does baptism with Holy Spirit and Fire mean? - Luke 3:16
Show Details7min 51s
God Establishes His Covenant With Isaac - Genesis Chapter 26
Show Details45min 8s
Seeking Jesus for Food -Reflecting on John 6:29
Show Details18min 59s
The Births of Jacob and Esau - Genesis Chapter 25
Show Details39min 47s
God Appoints a Wife for Isaac - Genesis 24
Show Details52min 6s
An Exegetical Study of Romans 10:8-10 - Original Greek Text
Show Details39min 40s
The Book of Revelation Closed - Revelation 22
Show Details45min 12s
What is Progressive Revelation? | Hebrews 1:1-2 (original Greek study)
Show Details28min 56s
The Holy City, New Jerusalem - Revelation 21:9-27
Show Details46min 12s
The Eternal Kingdom - Revelation 21:1-8
Show Details35min 37s
Judgment Day - Revelation 20:11-15
Show Details40min 43s
After the Kingdom - Revelation 20:7-10
Show Details28min 36s
The Kingdom of the Messiah (Revelation 20:1-6)
Show Details41min 47s
The Return of Jesus Christ - Revelation 19
Show Details55min 32s
The Destruction of Babylon - Revelation Chapter 18
Show Details32min 46s
Paul (Galatians) vs James -- JUSTIFICATION
Show Details12min 23s
A nature to rebel? | Revelation 20:7-9
Show Details7min 48s
Bitter Enemies - There is no friendship with the world!
Show Details10min 20s
God has a COOL CAR!
Show Details17min 43s
The Serpent will eat DUST!
Show Details8min 1s
The Sinning Brother
Show Details12min 20s
The Harlot Who Rides the Beast - Revelation Chapter 17
Show Details47min 58s
What's in a Name?
Show Details12min 40s
What did Jesus mean that heaven is of little children?
Show Details6min 19s
What did Jesus mean by "there is none good"?
Show Details10min 44s
Will we have wings?
Show Details7min 15s
Why didn't they break the bones of Jesus?
Show Details9min 20s
Who taught Jesus the Scriptures?
Show Details10min 14s
Was Jesus Attractive?
Show Details8min 17s
Is Hell Forever?
Show Details40min 32s
What happens when we die?
Show Details24min 25s
What did Jesus preach in Hell?
Show Details22min 15s
The Return of Animal Sacrifices
Show Details14min 57s
Is the blessing or cursing of Jews still relevant today?
Show Details15min 23s
Why are there four gospels?
Show Details9min 45s
The Only Time When Satan Has Possessed
Show Details7min 13s
Why did the Jewish leaders give Judas 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus?
Show Details8min 29s
Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?
Show Details46min 48s
Can we heal like Jesus did in the Bible Today?
Show Details22min 18s
The Bowl Judgments | Revelation 16 | Study of Revelation
Show Details42min 39s
Prepare for the Bowl Judgments | Revelation 15 | Study of Revelation
Show Details17min 19s
The Reapers | Revelation 14:14-20 | Study of Revelation
Show Details22min 28s
Warnings Against Worshiping the Anti-Christ | Revelation 14:1-13
Show Details39min 47s
Revelation 13 Part 4 | The False Prophet | Study of Revelation
Show Details35min 20s
The Anti-Christ | Revelation 13 part 3 | Study of Revelation
Show Details22min 1s
The Anti-Christ | Revelation 13 part 2 | Study of Revelation
Show Details25min 6s
The Anti-Christ | Revelation 13 part 1 | Study of Revelation
Show Details34min 34s
Satan Tries to Destroy the Jews | Revelation Chapter 12
Show Details1hr 7min
Does God (Jesus) still heal like He did in the Bible? | Matthew 4:23
Show Details39min 31s
Fornication, Adultery, Homosexuality | 1 Corinthians 6:9-11
Show Details12min 26s
Sin Has Consequences | 2 Samuel 11-12
Show Details19min 51s
God Uses Our Failure To Build Our Faith | Genesis 12:1-10
Show Details9min 13s
Did Jesus Pray Not To Die? | Matthew 26:36-42
Show Details21min 5s
Was God Cruel in the Old Testament But Kind in the New?
Show Details20min 30s
5 Things About The Rapture
Show Details33min 49s
3 False Beliefs About Angels | Psalm 8:1-5
Show Details6min 41s
The Anti-Christ, the Son of Satan | Genesis 3:15
Show Details33min 33s
Women Teach Angels | 1 Corinthians 11:10
Show Details5min 54s
Did You Know? | No Forgiveness to Sinning Angels
Show Details5min 32s
The Six Dwellings (Abodes) of Satan
Show Details35min 9s
The Sin of Satan | Ezekiel 28:15-17; Isaiah 14:12-14
Show Details27min 17s
The Origin of Satan | Ezekiel 28:11-19
Show Details1hr 14min
Why did Jesus tell Mary, "Stop clinging to Me"? | John 20:17
Show Details21min 59s
Do Believers Live Forever in Heaven? | 1 Corinthians 3:11-15
Show Details50min 31s
What did the Old Testament saints believe to be saved? | Genesis 15:1-6
Show Details34min 15s
God makes coverings for Adam and Eve | Genesis 3:21 (Hebrew Text Study)
Show Details13min 13s
The Call of Abraham | Genesis 12:1-3 (Hebrew Text Study)
Show Details12min 39s
What the Bible Teaches about Sheol (Hell)
Show Details35min 55s
Did Judas repent? Was he saved? | Matthew 27:3-6
Show Details5min 10s
Did THEY kill Jesus? | John 10:11-18; 19:30
Show Details6min 52s
Do you have to believe Jesus is God? | John 8:21-24; Exodus 3:14
Show Details7min 58s
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit | 1 Corinthians 12:4-13
Show Details16min 15s
The Gift of Tongues | 1 Corinthians 12 and 14
Show Details20min 49s
The Gifts of Prophecy and Apostleship | 1 Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 2
Show Details33min 36s
How do you know when it is the Spirit? | John 16:5-15
Show Details9min 3s
The Unique Miracles of Jesus | John 15:24
Show Details22min 2s
The Glory of Jesus | What was Jesus like BEFORE He was born? | John 17:5
Show Details14min 37s
Introduction to the Book of Genesis | Study of Genesis
Show Details37min 30s
The Creation | Genesis 1:1 | The Study of Genesis
Show Details39min 51s
The Chaotic World | Genesis 1:2 | The Study of Genesis
Show Details27min 23s
Why did God choose the Jews? And are they still important? | John 4:22
Show Details35min 46s
The Days of Creation 1-4 | Genesis 1:3-19 | Study of Genesis
Show Details33min 21s
The Days of Creation 5-7 | Genesis 1:20-2:3 | Study of Genesis
Show Details47min 24s
How To Respond To God's Discipline | 2 Samuel 16:5-13
Show Details36min 58s
The Trees of Life and Knowledge of Good and Evil | Genesis 2:4-9
Show Details32min 36s
The Creation of Woman | Genesis 2:10-25 | Study of Genesis
Show Details33min 56s
The Fall of Adam | Genesis 3:1-7 | Study of Genesis
Show Details35min 18s
The Judgment of the Serpent, Satan and the Woman | Genesis 3:8-16 | Study of Genesis
Show Details35min 23s
The Judgment of ADAM | Genesis 3:17-24
Show Details30min 41s
Eve believes she has given birth to the Messiah | Genesis 4:1 | Study of Genesis
Show Details30min 10s
God Rejects Cain's Offering | Genesis 4:2-5 | Study of Genesis
Show Details27min 41s
The Judgment of Cain | Genesis 4:6-16 | Study of Genesis
Show Details38min 20s
The City of Cain | Genesis 4:17-26 | Study of Genesis
Show Details51min 43s
Tracing the Seed-Line | Genesis 5:1-32 | Study of Genesis
Show Details37min 5s
When Angels Married Women | Genesis 6:1-8 | Study of Genesis
Show Details48min 23s
Behold The Man | John 19:5
Show Details6min 41s
Preparation for the FLOOD | Genesis 6:9-22 | Study of Genesis
Show Details20min 32s
The FLOOD | Genesis Chapter 7 | Study of Genesis
Show Details24min 17s
The FLOOD Ends | Genesis Chapter 8 | Study of Genesis
Show Details22min 38s
God's Covenant With Noah | Genesis 9:1-17 | Study of Genesis
Show Details31min 37s
Cursed Be Canaan! | Genesis 9:18-29 | Study of Genesis
Show Details38min 33s
The Division of Nations | Genesis Chapter 10 | Study of Genesis
Show Details28min 47s
The Tower of Babel | Genesis 11:1-9 | Study of Genesis
Show Details33min 1s
From Shem to Abram | Genesis 11:10-32 | Study of Genesis
Show Details32min 5s
The Call of Abram | Genesis 12:1-9 | Study of Genesis
Show Details36min 24s
Abram FAILS and God Has To Rescue Him | Genesis 12:10-20 | Study of Genesis
Show Details29min 21s
Abram and Lot Separate | Genesis:13-1-13 | Study of Genesis
Show Details24min 14s
The Resurrection of the Dead | Genesis 13:14-18 | Study of Genesis
Show Details27min 24s
The War of the Kings | Genesis 14:1-16 | Study of Genesis
Show Details26min 17s
Melchizedec Meets Abram | Genesis 14:17-24 | Study of Genesis
Show Details30min 10s
The Righteousness of Abram | Genesis 15:1-6 | Study of Genesis
Show Details27min 43s
God Ratifies His Covenant With Abram | Genesis 15:7-21 | Study of Genesis
Show Details48min 32s
Abram's Lack of Faith (The Birth of Ishmael) | Genesis 16 | Study of Genesis
Show Details47min 45s
Introduction to the Study of Revelation | Study of Revelation
Show Details34min 56s
The Sign of Circumcision | Genesis 17 | Study of Genesis
Show Details47min 52s
Greetings From God | Revelations 1:1-7 | Study of Revelations
Show Details48min 31s
Abraham's Intercession for Sodom and Gomorrah | Genesis 18 | Study of Genesis
Show Details49min 16s
Jesus, The God-Man Judge | Revelations 1:8-20 | Study of Revelations
Show Details39min 11s
ntroduction: Understanding the Letters to the Seven Churches | Study of Revelation
Show Details27min 22s
Letter to the Church of Ephesus | Revelation 2:1-7 | Study of Revelation
Show Details31min 14s
Letter to the Church of Smyrna | Revelation 2:8-11 | Study of Revelation
Show Details34min 29s
Letter to the Church of Pergamum | Revelation 2:12-17 | Study of Revelation
Show Details34min 13s
The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah | Genesis 19 | Study of Genesis
Show Details44min 5s
Letter to the Church of Thyatira | Revelation 2:18-29 | Study of Revelation
Show Details35min 59s
Abraham's Failure (Another Lapse in Faith) | Genesis Chapter 20 | Study of Genesis
Show Details36min 57s
Letter to the Church of Sardis | Revelation 3:1-6
Show Details28min 13s
The Two Witnesses | Revelation Chapter 11 | Study of Revelation
Show Details42min 54s
The Angel and the Little Book | Revelation Chapter 10 | Study of Revelation
Show Details20min 36s
The Demonic Invasions | Revelation Chapter 9 | Study of Revelation
Show Details49min 47s
The Trumpet Judgments | Revelation Chapter 8 | Study of Revelation
Show Details50min 4s
The Tribulation Saints | Revelation Chapter 7 | Study of Revelation
Show Details53min 37s
The Tribulation Begins! | Revelation 6 | Study of Revelation
Show Details1hr
What is the Tribulation? | Study of Revelation
Show Details1hr 7min
The Death of Sarah | Genesis Chapter 23 | Study of Genesis
Show Details32min 25s
The Lamb Takes The Scroll | Revelation 5 | Study of Revelation
Show Details30min 30s
The Throne Room of GOD | Revelation 4 | Study of Revelation
Show Details45min 17s
Abraham's Greatest Test! | Genesis 22 | Study of Genesis
Show Details49min 18s
Letter to the Church of Laodicea | Revelation 3:14-22 | Study of Revelation
Show Details42min 17s
Letter to the Church of Philadelphia | Revelation 3:7-13 | Study of Revelation
Show Details30min 30s
Isaac is Born! | Genesis Chapter 21 | Study of Genesis
Show Details40min 46s
Who are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?
Show Details9min 33s