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Freedom Highway

Freedom Highway follows the long tradition of music as an expression of struggle and solidarity. In all movements for justice, from the enslaved struggling for emancipation, to the employed struggling against exploitation, songs emerge as a means of building strength in the face of power. Each week we follow these songs across borders of race, class, gender and geography with an hour of politically potent music and conversation exploring connections between these histories and the present day.


Neither Just Nor Wise
Show Details56min 40s
Strike Sweet Freedom’s Song
Show Details55min 21s
The Poor Shall Wear The Crown
Show Details54min 52s
This Kind of Thing Still Lives Today
Show Details55min 36s
Much Concerned But Not Involved
Show Details55min 59s
Class War, Last War
Show Details55min 22s
It Has Always Been Around
Show Details55min 28s
I Wonder About This Freedom
Show Details55min 56s
Many Thousand Gone
Show Details55min 38s
Alive As You or Me
Show Details55min 8s
Til We're Dealing With The Fact
Show Details55min 34s
No Freedom Without Peace
Show Details56min 20s
Trouble You Can't Hide
Show Details55min 19s
People You Know It's True
Show Details55min 37s