Unresearched - The Practical Value of the Tommy Westphall Theory

6m | Mar 21, 2021

1988, the final scene of the final episode of St. Elsewhere--to that point, a fairly standard medical drama--upended the entire premise of the six seasons that had preceded it, leaving fans deeply divided.  But showrunner Tom Fontana couldn’t know that, in creating such a controversial scene, he would lay the foundation for a perceptual shift in how some fans view narratives and their landscapes.  A shift that might have been an early contributor to the proliferation of mass, crossover-bound franchises that we enjoy today?

In this first episode of the recorded rantings of Dr. Joe Anderson, come along as we navigate a moderately-trafficked street and consider how Tommy Westphall may have changed the very ways we see narratives!  Or, at least, how he probably changed something...

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