• Have The Tough Conversations First And Other Tips From Skedgit Co-Founder Paul Shin

    Paul Shin agreed to sit down with me and chat about his experience with entrepreneurship and the lessons he's learned through his ventures. Currently, he is working on a startup called Skedgit which will schedule your meetings for you at a time that works with everyone's schedule.

    We spent some time looking at the process of adding a partner to a project and why you should always have the hard conversations first before the venture is worth anything.

    If you're interested in Skedgit check out their site here: https://www.skedgitnow.com/

    29m - Apr 19, 2021
  • Business Concept Validation Tips From The Co-Founder Of Venture Validator

    Tyler Leber co-founded Venture Validator which is a company that will help you validate your business idea. He joined me today to talk about his journey with Venture Validator and to share his tips around starting and validating a business.

    Business concept validation is perhaps the most important part of starting a business because it will tell you if your idea is worth pursuing before you invest lots of time and money into it.

    We also discussed what actions you can take to start a business and to prepare yourself to be an entrepreneur even before you have a big idea. Tyler never actually had a big idea turn into a business but he partnered with someone who has and is helping to scale Venture Validator.

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    Venture Validator's Website: https://www.venturevalidator.com/

    Rocket Fuel By Gino Wickman and Mark C Winters: https://www.amazon.com/Rocket-Fuel-Essential-Combination-Business/dp/1942952317

    Start With Why By Simon Sinek: https://www.amazon.com/Start-Why-Leaders-Inspire-Everyone/dp/1591846447/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Start+with+why&qid=1616205750&s=books&sr=1-1

    Tyler's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyler-leber-316504132/

    My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dale-harper-jr/

    Or reach out to me at dgmstarter@gmail.com

    #businessvalidation #smartentrepreneurs #venturevalidator

    27m - Mar 22, 2021
  • CRO Tips For Digital Based Startups (ft. Spencer Gray)

    Spencer is the Senior CRO Specialist at 97th Floor. In this episode we talked about how he started an inexpensive cereal delivery service as a student the University of Utah. Afterwards he took time to teach me about the basics of CRO and gave some tips that you should take into account when starting CRO testing on your own site.

    Here is a link to Spencer's LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/grayspencer/

    And if your interested in 97th Floor's CRO services you can visit their website here: https://www.97thfloor.com/

    #CRO #Startups #97thfloor

    30m - Feb 10, 2021
  • How To Start A Podcast For Business In 2021 (ft. Dan Sanchez)

    A lot of businesses are scared of podcasting because it is a big time commitment and often times doesn't pull in results for at least the first year if not longer. Make sure to watch until the end to get some great tips on how to make sure your podcast is impacting your bottom-line from day one.

    I had a great conversation with Dan about how to utilize a podcast in your content marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation a podcast will fit great with your content marketing strategy.

    Dan gives some great tips on how to start your podcast for businesses and the basics of how to both grow your podcast and make it a valuable piece of your revenue stream even before you build an audience. Learn how a podcast can fit into both your short and long-term strategies.

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    Thank you to Dan Sanchez for agreeing to join the show. You can check out Dan's podcast B2B Growth here: https://sweetfishmedia.com/show/b2b-growth/

    #podcasting #entrepreneurship #contentmarketing

    32m - Feb 10, 2021
  • Sales Tips For Entrepreneurs: Why Every Entrepreneur Should Learn Sales (ft. Robert Harper)

    Whether you love or hate sales you should learn how to sell if you plan on starting a business. Join me for this episode with my oldest brother Robert as he shares his journey through sales. He hated sales until he found a way to have real conversations with people while selling to them.

    If you would like to work with a coach to learn how to polish your sales skills check out https://betterconversations.com/for a free consulting session.

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    #salestips #entrepreneurship #startups

    43m - Feb 10, 2021
  • How A Software Startup Conducts Market Research (ft. Devin Lee)

    While working for an electrician as an estimator Devin Lee realized that the software they were using wasn't meeting his needs. After creating several smaller tools he decided to combine them into one tool to sell as an application to electricians. The business hasn't hit the market yet and they are currently in the prototyping stage where they are finding out what electricians actually want in their software and as he receives the feedback he makes updates to the product. Watch DGM Starter's first entrepreneur interview and learn how to conduct the prototyping stage.

    During the interview, we mention a book called "Nail It Then Scale It" by Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom. This book is a fantastic resource to use when you are looking to start your own business it walks you through step by step how to prove your business concept and improve it so that when it's time to launch you can be certain that it will sell.

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    #prototyping #marketresearch #nailitthenscaleit

    26m - Feb 10, 2021
  • Keys To Success For Ecommerce Startups (ft. Abe Bedard)

    I sat down with one of the founders of Yatta Golf, an e-commerce golf store that has made a tee that provides more consistency. If you are a golfer make sure to check out their site here: https://yattagolf.com/

    In this episode, I was able to discuss with Abe about what it takes to start an e-commerce brand. He walked us through the steps from initial research to designing and validating a product. We discussed how the principles from Nail It Then Scale It can be applied to e-commerce and specific steps that you need to take to find a manufacturer once you have a validated product.

    Towards the end, Abe goes over his tips for entrepreneurs starting out as well as some resources you can use to help network yourself.

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    #ecommerce #startuptips #nailitthenscaleit #entrepreneurship #yattagolf

    27m - Feb 10, 2021
  • How To Scale An Agency In 2021 (ft. McCain Kennedy)

    If you're looking to start a service-based business in 2021 then this is a must-watch! I sat down with the founder of Set Fire Creative, McCain Kennedy, to talk about what business advice he has for those starting out. We talked about how to scale an agency responsibly and the mindset you need to have as an entrepreneur.

    Set Fire Creative is a marketing agency that helps small businesses launch and scale. If you are looking for marketing or business validation services for your business (or business concept) then you definitely need to reach out to Set Fire Creative. https://setfirecreative.com/

    #ScaleAnAngency #Entrepreneurship #GrowYourBusiness

    33m - Feb 10, 2021
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