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Green Street Hammers Podcast on West Ham United

FanSided's Green Street Hammers Podcast discusses the latest West Ham United FC news, analysis and more from the staff at


Episode 78: West Ham Round Up After Hectic Week One
Show Details1hr 46min
Episode 77: Season Opener Preview and Transfer Talk!
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 76: Scott Deep Dives on West Ham's Transfer Policy!
Show Details43min 47s
Episode 75: West Ham Preseason Positivity
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 74: GSH staff scout their own transfer targets and discuss West Ham's new kits
Show Details56min 21s
Episode 73: Season finale and West Ham post season awards
Show Details59min 45s
Episode 72: West Ham Hammer Norwich and face Watford next in the Premier League
Show Details54min 28s
Episode 71: West Ham Disappoint in Burnley Blank
Show Details38min 14s
Episode 70: West Ham do the Double on Chelsea!
Show Details53min 46s
Episode 69: Incoming Blues from the Blues? Chelsea West Ham Preview!
Show Details34min 58s
Episode 68: Pulling No Punches After West Ham's Atrocious Restart
Show Details1hr 12min
Episode 67: FOOTBALL IS BACK! West Ham vs. Wolves Preview!
Show Details50min 17s
Episode 66: Tensions rise at West Ham ahead of restart!
Show Details46min 39s
Episode 65: The Month of Premier League Football!
Show Details41min 57s
Episode 64: Way too early West Ham predictions!
Show Details51min 47s
Episode 63: Meet the New Guys! Plus West Ham Questions!
Show Details45min 41s
Episode 62: Exclusive interview with Roshane Thomas!
Show Details50min 53s
Episode 61: Hammers Polls pt. 3 and FOOTBALL IS BACK... Kind of
Show Details40min 52s
Episode 60: Hammers Polls Questions Part 2!
Show Details48min 39s
Episode 59: Hammers Polls Questions Pt. 1!
Show Details39min 57s
Episode 58: FIFA Playoff and Transfer Targets!
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 57: West Ham Hiatus-Cast Part One!
Show Details48min 55s
Episode 56: Gotta keep that positivity!
Show Details51min 36s
Episode 55: Crazy what three points does for you, isn't it?
Show Details53min 48s
Episode 54: The positivity is back at West Ham!
Show Details53min 36s
Episode 53: Are the new West Ham additions enough?
Show Details51min 23s
Episode 52: Here come the reinforcements!
Show Details45min 27s
Episode 51: West Ham Depression-cast 2k20!
Show Details56min 54s
Episode 50! Two wins and the latest West Ham transfer talk!
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 49: Baz Cox and Deja Vu with David Moyes!
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 48: Cautiously optimistic or a blip on the radar?
Show Details54min 5s
Episode 47: Papering over the West Ham cracks
Show Details59min 6s
Episode 46: One off or jumping-off point?
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 45: Pellegrini out and WHO in?!
Show Details57min 16s
Episode 44: The Dynamics of a London Derby
Show Details45min 5s
Episode 43: West Ham Therapy Session
Show Details48min 22s
Episode 42: Time for a change at West Ham?
Show Details42min 14s
Episode 41: Question/Answer with Scott and Adam!
Show Details48min 35s
Episode 40: Turning point or tipping point?
Show Details57min 39s
Episode 39: Overrated or Underrated?
Show Details58min 1s
Episode 38: Malice because of Palace!
Show Details24min 5s
Episode 37: Sex, Drugs, and Green St. Hammers!? ft. Kevin Slade!
Show Details58min 32s
Episode 36: Rested and Ready for Oxford
Show Details26min 17s
Episode 35: Hammers Round Table before Red Devil Visit
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 34.5 - The First Supporters Edition!
Show Details49min 26s
Episode 34: The International Break is Over! ft. hiccups
Show Details47min 20s
Episode 33: Two wins and an injury... IRONS
Show Details45min 44s
Episode 32: Gulls, Hornets, and Vegas baby!
Show Details1hr 6min
Episode 31: Transfer window breakdown and pre-Man City breakdown!
Show Details42min 31s
Episode 30: Can West Ham just outscore their problems? [Preseason]
Show Details38min 32s
Show Details50min 43s
Episode 28: Pablo Fornals and the Striker Saga!
Show Details54min 4s
Episode 27: West Ham Fashion Episode!
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 26: West Ham Season Review!
Show Details56min 12s
Episode 25: Hammers eyeing streak to end season
Show Details48min 4s
Episode 24: Where has the spark gone?!
Show Details45min 25s
Episode 23: Are West Ham poised for a trip to Europe?
Show Details56min 14s
Episode 22: West Ham are rounding into form!
Show Details47min 18s
Episode 21: Ain't no problem with some Spanish sunshine!
Show Details30min 34s
Episode 20: Wolves, Reds, and No Transfers!
Show Details52min 17s
Episode 19: The American West Ham Podcast Crossover!
Show Details59min 57s
Episode 18: Twitter Questions and much much more!
Show Details46min 26s
Episode 17: Rice, Rice, Baby! Arsenal recap plus transfer talk!
Show Details1hr 11min
Episode 16: FA recap and a new segment: future blog titles!
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 15: Green St. Hammers New Years Special!
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 14: Kicked the Cottagers and Hunting the Hornets
Show Details33min 26s
Episode 13: Can anything stop this West Ham train?
Show Details53min 12s
Episode 12: City Review, Magpies Preview and West Ham fill in the blanks!
Show Details52min 21s
Episode 11: Jack Wilshere and Andy Carroll fit? It can't be!
Show Details44min 17s
Episode 10: The Curious Case of Samir Nasri
Show Details58min 39s
Episode 9: West Ham click against Burnley, stare down Huddersfield
Show Details44min 14s
Episode 8: Foxes and Spurs review and Burnley Preview!
Show Details57min 31s
Episode 7: The (early!) Transfer Special from the whole GSH Crew!
Show Details56min 34s
Episode 6: The first London Derby with Spurs: match preview!
Show Details56min 4s
Episode 5: How do we always keep talking about Andy Carroll?
Show Details49min 35s
Episode 4: "Who would’ve thought we’d take Andrew Thomas Carroll over Chicha 3-1"
Show Details52min 44s
Episode 3: The Macclesfield Massacre and Rating the Academy
Show Details59min 41s
Episode 2: Everton Review, Chelsea Preview and will Rice ever get a new contract?
Show Details57min 52s
Episode 1: Intro to the Green Street Hammers Podcast
Show Details45min 50s