• 12 Days of K-pop 'Xmas Day 2: Monsta X The Dreaming

    Welcome to MJ's Drama Life 12 days of #K-pop 'Xmas. A set of videos that celebrates the world of K-pop and K-dramas. All videos will include songs, dramas, and moments that happen in 2021. Some of the videos will be Tik Tok uploads, video reactions, unboxing, and more. And of course MJ's famous Car reactions will be included. And not to be technical, it may go beyond 12 days. Why? Why not! 12 days of K-pop 'Xmas sounds good. 

    Sit back and enjoy!

    Day 2: Car Reaction Ep. 5 : Monsta X ‘The Dreaming’

    Hi.  I am MJ of MJ Drama Life and I am back with another car reaction podcast. Today on my drive home I picked Monsta X's new album, ‘The Dreaming’ to react to. I share my honest thoughts of the songs, overall album, and Monsta X.

    36m | Dec 16, 2021
  • BTS Chat & Drive with MJ the DJ-Car React Series

    Car React Series EP. 1

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to MJ Drama Life.  I am MJ of MJ Drama Life and I am back with another car reaction video/podcast. Today on my drive home I picked ‘This Is BTS’ playlist from Spotify. I shared my thoughts on four BTS songs and just had a nice chat. 

    I took the video reactor from the living room to the car. Yes, the car. I figured since I have a 20-35 minute drive home I might as well be productive. And MJ’s Car reaction was born. 

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    *Disclaimer: the recording of this video was done safely and following all traffic laws in the state of NC. 

    Songs I reviewed/listened to in this video:

    “My Time”-JK


    “Stay Gold”

    “Fake Love”

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    16m | Aug 3, 2021
  • 'Blind Loyalty In K-pop Land'

    Today is the launch of the MJ Drama Life Podcast. This episode was recorded in my car. Yes. Apparently I have a thing for recording in my car (I have K-pop Car Reaction Videos up on MJ Drama Life YouTube Channel). The topic for today’s very first official podcast is, “Blind Loyalty in K-pop”.

    34m | Jul 29, 2021
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