Mike Yarbrough | Tending the fire!

1h 28m | Mar 8, 2022

Today's guest spent his formative years on the banks of the Hatchie River in the small town of Mercer, TN, Mike Yarbrough yearns for the hardihood and old-school wisdom so common in generations past. He is the founder of Wolf & Iron ( and Rustic and Main ( Mike has a passion for entrepreneurship, stories, and helping men heed the High Call of manful living. His new book, Tending the Fire is filled with timeless principles, poetic insight, and touching humor to inspire and equip men to break free from the status quo. It was an honor to have Mike on the podcast, I hope you are inspired and let me know your takeaways.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Our need for manliness and how it impacts our world
  • The legacy of Theodore Roosevelt
  • Film Photography
  • The 5 principles of living manfully
  • ....and more!

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