Christi Miranda | He is faithful

58m | Apr 5, 2022

In today's episode I am joined with Christi Miranda, Mom, Preacher and Entrepreneur. Christi was most recently featured on The Gospel reality preaching series on Bishop T.D. Jakes’s Bishop’s Village network for her unique ministry style and was also featured on The Dave Ramsey Show after becoming debt free as a single mother.

With a firm belief that women belong in ministry and the marketplace, Christi Miranda has used her freedom to create several entities including the JustChristi Social Media Management Agency to support local small business owners and the PreachGirl! Public Speaking Program which, to date, has helped over 140 women find their voice by learning to present the Gospel with clarity and effectiveness.

In this episode

  • Showing up as you while reading the room
  • Holding joy and sorrow in the same had
  • Building a "don't be homeless" business
  • Knowing when to quit
  • The four people you need in your life

...and much more!

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