Conversations: Calendars and Eco

Season 1 | Episode 36
44m | Apr 26, 2022

We continue our conversation with you about what the ideal schedule should be. We mentioned how important it was to break monotony, so how about adding randomness and making every week different? They could all be special!

Or maybe the answer is to be found in the sky! As listeners pointed out, this whole mess is because of the lack of synchronicity between rotation periods of the sun, the moon and the earth!

After that, Yoann presents a game that drove him addicted to a point he had not felt for a while: Eco by Strange Loop Games. This game is a mixture between Minecraft and Eve Online. Your character is specialized, so you have to collaborate and build a political and economic system to stop a meteor from crashing on your planet! It turns out that this simple formula is an extremely fertile ground to study all kinds of different economic systems, and understand what works and doesn’t about capitalism.

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