Conversations: I changed my mind about machine learning

Season 1 | Episode 28
34m | Aug 3, 2021

We respond to listener's comments about the previous episode: we discuss the most recent project of artist Sam Lavigne, and catch up on what we missed about special attacks in mangas. 

We go over legendary swords to try and understand why some objects get special names, and invoke Baudrillard to wonder if there is such a thing as a single object anymore. We discuss differences between spoken and written word, and parallels between anime special techniques and sports.

In the second half, the discussion leads us to competitive games where you program robots to fight each other, and how they helped Yoann change his perspective on machine learning. Will it be enough to convince Vlad that the black box neural networks can be cute?

Sam Lavigne's latest project:

Players screams in tennis:

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