Cyranoids and How to make the perfect reading environment?

Season 1 | Episode 21
44m | Jan 31, 2021

We discover that at the end of his life, Stanley Milgram was working on a little known Cyranoid experiment. He showed that if you put a child into an adult body, nobody will notice something is off.

In the main part, we try to make the perfect environment to read more. We briefly go over pretty basic productivity tips (making habits, compartmentalization) before diving in our usual craziness featuring the tinderization of storytelling, reading in VR, the ease of entry vs compartmentalization trade-of, hacking your brain worse tendencies for your desires ... We talk a great deal about reading on phones and how to make it work, and how closeness, nature, bookshelves, light or simplicity are essential elements to consider when making a reading nook.

AfterDinnerConversation podcast episode:

Milgram's cyranoids paper:'s_Cyranoid_Method_Experimenting_With_Hybrid_Human_Agents

Episode 11, in which we discuss the relation between fashion, trends and uniformization:

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