Conversations: optimal communication and midnight gospel

Season 1 | Episode 38
39m | Jun 28, 2022

Who won the debate? Vlad's support for voice chat, or Yoann's insistence for asynchronous IM? You'll find out here!

But before, we go over things we took out from the previous episode as well as listeners’ comments. We discuss how tools allow a media-rich communication experience, what the future of communication will be after brain upload, the history of asynchronous IM, the terminology of signal processing, parallelism vs. really fast context switching...

In a pretty unusual twist, we actually did some research! Is asynchronous or synchronous, written or oral, objectively, scientifically better? We got the answer!

That point being settled once and for all, we move to a sad but predictable news: the cancellation of the cartoon Midnight Gospel on Netflix. We present the show and what we loved about it, before devolving, as is quite often the case for Yoann, into a rant against capitalism.

A meta-analysis of listening vs reading comprehension:

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