Conversations: How I cheated at twitter.

Season 1 | Episode 32
42m | Dec 1, 2021

Welcome back to the conversation! This time, we didn't have many listeners' messages, but we know why that is! 

We come back to our adventure on twitter hacking, by first wondering about the position of twitter in the ever changing landscape of technology with the good old question: was it better in the past?

We then move to data science, wondering how many data points you need to draw meaningful conclusions from all the stuff we've been trying out.

Once we get our metrics down, it's time for optimization! We present a guaranteed way to get a few followers every day by following people on threads you're interested in, But which hashtag/keyword/user has the best follow back rate?

Finally, we dissect our twitter analytics to find out what makes the most successful tweet on the platform: what kind of words and topics give you the most reach or engagement? We have all the answers (on our very small sample size XD).

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