AfterDinnerConversation and Are purchases the ultimate form of human free will ?

Season 1 | Episode 20
37m | Dec 31, 2020

We discover quantum time locks and Twisted Wonderland.

We then discuss Vlad's holiday project, a minimalist website to store his short stories, and move on to discussing a magazine Yoann discovered recently which focuses on philosophical short stories. As an example, we comment briefly the story “Rainbow People Of The Glittering Glade”.

Finally, we get into the holiday spirit by celebrating the true meaning of Christmas: purchases. But is buying something the ultimate form of expression of your free will? Is money working as an objective shared scale of value, to help your decision making? Does the reversibility of purchases matter at all here? Or are too many forces and social coercion at play to be able to talk of "decision" ? 

What about "impulse shopping" or marketing? What would Sartre think of your shopping list? What do you think about it?

The story “Rainbow People Of The Glittering Glade”

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