Time capsules and What makes a villain?

Episode 19
38m | Nov 30, 2020

We reflect on the possibility that the economy is so important to some people because it fills in for the symbolic dimension of meaning that is lacking from the dystopias we discussed last time.

We talk a bit about a message from the past that Vlad received, and how to make a good time capsule for your future self.

This time, our main section is about villains and propaganda. We talk a lot about Disney movies in general and Aladdin in particular to try and understand what it means to be a villain, cinematographically and semantically. In particular, we discuss how agency and beauty fit in the picture.

We conclude by wondering whether such techniques can be used to frame anything or anyone as a villain, and to manipulate public acceptance of anything. What can we do about this?

Nietzsche, Trump, & Brexit by Ken Gemes

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