Conversations: I became an Ai in a telephone game

Season 1 | Episode 22
36m | Mar 8, 2021

We're trying something new with our podcast: to keep the episodes more focused, we'll release the conversational part where we answer to the listeners, address followups, and discuss less heavy questions separate from our main episodes!

This is the first of such episodes, where we discuss everything we missed in last episode about the perfect reading corner, namely UV lights, reading rhythm, and audio ambiance.

After that, we move on to chit chat about a game that has become more popular during lockdown: Gartic phone, a game where people pass along an idea by drawing or describing a drawing in succession. This method of information propagation is actually pretty interesting, because some concepts are way more stable than others, and they are not the ones you may think of at first. We discuss these stable concepts and attractor points while pulling from Plato or Jung, and compare this experience to latent states of machine learning/neural network algorithms.

The game:

Tom White, an artist making paintings based on machine learning model latent spaces:

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