Can Japanese psychoanalysis cure us all?

Season 1 | Episode 33
49m | Jan 11, 2022

We've been preparing this episode for quite a while and this time we have sources! We confront our knowledge of Japanese language and lacanian psychoanalysis to try and understand the Japanese psyche!

We start off by Lacan's famous statements about the fact that Japanese people have no need for psychoanalysis. We'll see what he was talking about through a brief history of the incredible chaotic mess that is the Japanese language. Did he know it well enough?

In any case, we felt it was worth widening the scope! From language, we move to the construction of identity in Japanese culture, but also to Buddhism and Sartre, to finish on the Japanese psychoanalytical concept of Amae.

Can we find anything here to cure the existential angst that comes from being an isolated lacking self? Or is this just inviting more problems?Introduction of the Japan Psychoanalytic Society


Kazushige Shingu

Why Lacan says : “no one who dwells in the Japanese language has a need to be psychoanalysed”

Luke S. Ogasawara

The Japanese subject and the unconscious

P-J Van Haecke

February 2016 Psychoanalytic Inquiry

Takeo Doi

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