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The Hidden Attic

The Hidden Attic is a collection of best friends that like to joke around and entertain each other and like to discuss our takes on Pop Culture, Hip-Hop/Rap, Basketball & Wrestling, & Gaming & Life itself. Come listen and Join us on the Journey!


Down Bad Stories, NBA Playoffs, NYC Blackout, & The Swank Sanctuary
Show Details1hr 30min
Q&A, Podcast Origin Story, Best NY Rappers of all Time, Bryan VS Technology
Show Details1hr 12min
Rapper Cinematic Universe, Bryan Keeps Lagging Out, TikTok Trends & Tupac
Show Details1hr 24min
Top 10 Wrestlers of 2020
Show Details1hr 16min
Favorite & Greatest Rap Albums, Who's the Best NY Rapper and Best NY Anthems?
Show Details2hr 28min
Who can draft the best Starting NBA Lineup?
Show Details1hr 13min