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IELTS Speaking and Listening

Masterclass PTE Darwin is the best PTE, IELTS and OET Training Centre in Darwin. We provide high quality preparation course for PTE-Academic & IELTS (both General and Academic) and Occupational English Test (OET) specially designed to help you perform better in an environment that fosters learning. Learning is a continuous process and we all learn throughout our lives which begins from the day we are born. There is no doubt that the skills, knowledge and understandings of PTE-Academic & IELTS and OET at Masterclass PTE Darwin, will help you to achieve your desired score. We provide personalized care so that no one stays behind. Our convenient location and affordable fees will give you even more flexibility to enroll at Masterclass PTE Darwin where we put the learning and education above everything else.


IELTS Cambridge 16: Speaking Test-2
Show Details12min 39s
IELTS Speaking: Part-2 - Describe a book or article that you enjoyed reading for your studies.
Show Details2min 11s
Lets Talk About Buildings with Sofia
Show Details10min 53s
Cambridge IELTS-11: Listening test-4
Show Details30min 57s
Cambridge IELTS-11: Listening test-3
Show Details30min 24s
Cambridge IELTS-11: Listening test-2
Show Details31min 22s
Cambridge IELTS-11: Listening test-1
Show Details31min 58s
Cambridge IELTS-8: Listening test-4
Show Details26min 47s
Cambridge IELTS-8: Listening test-3
Show Details28min 50s
Cambridge IELTS-8: Listening test-2
Show Details29min 16s
Cambridge IELTS-8: Listening test-1
Show Details29min 26s
Cambridge IELTS-7: Listening test-4
Show Details26min 29s
Cambridge IELTS-7: Listening test-3
Show Details28min 13s
Cambridge IELTS-7: Listening test-2
Show Details28min 10s
Cambridge IELTS-7: Listening test-1
Show Details31min 30s
Cambridge IELTS-3: Listening test-4
Show Details24min 31s
Cambridge IELTS-3: Listening test-3
Show Details25min 10s
Cambridge IELTS-3: Listening test-2
Show Details25min 3s
Cambridge IELTS-3: Listening test-1
Show Details27min 31s
Cambridge IELTS-2: Listening test-4
Show Details24min 30s
Cambridge IELTS-2: Listening test-3
Show Details24min 11s
Cambridge IELTS-2: Listening test-2
Show Details24min 26s
Cambridge IELTS-2: Listening test-1
Show Details24min 27s
Cambridge IELTS-1: Listening test-4
Show Details28min 6s
Cambridge IELTS-1: Listening test-3
Show Details27min 17s
Cambridge IELTS-1: Listening test-2
Show Details24min 55s
Cambridge IELTS-1: Listening test-1
Show Details26min 13s
Cambridge IELTS-10: Speaking test-4 @Masterclass PTE Darwin, Australia.
Show Details8min 27s
Cambridge IELTS-10: Speaking test-3 @Masterclass PTE Darwin, Australia.
Show Details11min 6s
#Cambridge #IELTS-10 #Speaking #test-1
Show Details8min 11s
Let's Talk About Sports
Show Details3min 53s
IELTS Speaking Band-7 with Chrissy at Masterclass PTE Darwin
Show Details14min 18s
IELTS Speaking Band-7
Show Details13min 59s
IELTS Speaking Band 6.5
Show Details11min 8s
Band-8 (IELTS Speaking at Masterclass PTE Darwin)
Show Details12min 30s
Speaking Band-8 (Cambridge IELTS-3: Speaking test-4)
Show Details8min 55s
IELTS 8 Band: Cambridge IELTS-3 Speaking Test-1 with Sandeep
Show Details9min 50s
IELTS Practice Speaking test Band 6.5
Show Details13min 31s
IELTS Speaking Band-8 (Museum)
Show Details2min 14s
Speaking Band- 8 (IELTS Q-card)
Show Details2min 2s
IELTS Speaking Part-I with Nazia Hasan
Show Details6min 13s
IELTS Speaking- Complete Analysis
Show Details10min
IELTS Practice Speaking test Band 8
Show Details12min 25s
Improve English for the IELTS Speaking test _ Pronunciation
Show Details3min 38s
Improve English for the IELTS Speaking test _ Lexis & vocabulary
Show Details3min 42s
Improve English for the IELTS Speaking test _ Grammar
Show Details3min 33s
Improve English for the IELTS Speaking test _ Fluency and Coherence.wmv
Show Details4min 46s
IELTS speaking test - 13
Show Details13min 7s
IELTS speaking test - 12
Show Details12min 41s
IELTS speaking test - 11
Show Details12min 47s
IELTS speaking test - 10
Show Details11min 45s
IELTS speaking test - 09
Show Details13min 16s
IELTS Speaking Test-08
Show Details11min 37s
IELTS Speaking Test-07
Show Details10min 5s
IELTS Speaking Test-06
Show Details14min 4s
IELTS Speaking Test-05
Show Details11min 22s
IELTS Speaking Test-04
Show Details11min 28s
IELTS Speaking Test-03
Show Details13min 56s
IELTS Speaking Test-02
Show Details10min 47s
IELTS Speaking Test-01
Show Details12min 14s
IELTS Speaking- Band-9 (Native Speaker)_Masterclass PTE Darwin
Show Details11min 22s
Speaking_Part_I_ Giulia (Photographs and Sleep)
Show Details3min 54s
Cambridge IELTS-15 Speaking test-1 solved by Monir Ahmed
Show Details55min 29s
Speaking with Giulia-Q card
Show Details2min 9s
Speaking with Giulia_Driving_Telephone
Show Details10min 58s
Speaking with Giulia Q-card 2
Show Details2min 11s
Speaking With Giulia Part-3 (Travelling and Flying)
Show Details8min 30s
IELTS Speaking with Giulia_Section_3_Books and Computers
Show Details9min 11s
Speaking Band- 8 (IELTS Help Test_2 with Sandeep)
Show Details14min 2s
Speaking Band- 8 (IELTS Help Test_01 with Sandeep)
Show Details16min 24s
Speaking Band- 8 (Cambridge IELTS-15 Speaking Test-2)
Show Details10min
Speaking Band- 8 (Cambridge IELTS-15 Speaking test-1)
Show Details8min 53s
Speaking Band- 8 (Cambridge IELTS-15 Speaking Test-4)
Show Details9min 49s
Speaking Band- 8 (Cambridge IELTS-14 Speaking Test-3)
Show Details8min 48s