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Success Leaves Clues Podcast

Dr. Kevin Washington (Dr. K) is a serial entrepreneur, author and investor. Dr. K is a proud Army Veteran. He leverages his Military background and leadership to succeed in entrepreneurship and the corporate sector. Dr. K’s goal is to help driven people who are early in their entrepreneurship journey become successful by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes. Dr. K is an investor coach that is teaching people how to become successful traders in multiple markets.Dr. K has written two books, “Uttering Oracles” and “Mining the HearthRock Query” under the pen name: Kalph El Roi. His books are focused on the importance of knowing where you come from to know where you are going. Which is critical in business and success. He is the host a rising podcast, Success Leaves Clues Podcast, where he interviews highly successful people in Corporate America and Entrepreneurship. Dr. K believes that if anyone can do it then you can do it as well. The Success Leaves Clues Podcast is a blueprint to follow that will help you avoid making the same mistakes that other successful people made early in their journey.


Turn Chaos into Huge Profits! Episode #44 w/Kyle Livingston
Show Details42min 36s
How He's Making Millions in Short-term Rentals! Episode #43 w/Kyle Carlin
Show Details36min 28s
Investing and Building Franchises! Episode #42 w/Justin Sloan
Show Details31min 51s
How to Make Residual Payments by Providing Merchant Services! Episode #41 w/David Carlin
Show Details39min 45s
Teaching How to Protect Families and Build Generational Wealth! Episode #40 w/Lindsay Smith
Show Details50min 15s
Investing in Laundromats is Better than Real Estate! Episode #39 w/Jordan Berry
Show Details35min 35s
How to Become Your Own Bank! Episode #38 w/Stephen Nagy
Show Details52min 48s
Build Wealth Easily by Doing This! Episode #37 w/ Saen Higgins
Show Details54min 32s
The Business of Boxing. Episode #36 w/Keith Keppner
Show Details49min 34s
What are Tax Write-Offs? And Why you should take them ALL! Episode #35 w/Christina Lael
Show Details34min 44s
The Right Mentor Can Mean Millions for Your Business! Episode #34 w/Austin Josie
Show Details40min 12s
How Nurses are becoming Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry! Episode #33 w/Ashley Wynn-Grimes
Show Details36min 42s
How to Start a Brazilian Wax Salon! Episode #32 rerun w/Tanya Kelker
Show Details54min 7s
How to Grow a Home Inspection Business with Acquisitions! Episode #31 w/Sidney Lucas
Show Details39min 5s
Failed 3 Times and Still Succeeded in Real Estate! Episode #30 w/Welby Accely
Show Details42min 19s
Staging Homes to Sell Fast in 2022! Episode #29 w/Jennifer Staneart
Show Details51min 42s
HOW TO MAKE A FORTUNE ON AIRBNB USING CREDIT! Episode #28 rerun w/Carl Gassoway
Show Details45min 28s
RED BOTTOMS and The Path to Grammy's! Episode 27 w/Dizzy Wunda
Show Details45min 21s
How to Start An Amazon Business with $500! Episode #26 w/Netta Dowdell
Show Details39min 24s
From Financial Ruin to Private Jets and Luxury Travel! Episode 25 w/Arichica Banks
Show Details53min 25s
Healing Faster with Hypnotherapy! Episode #24 w/Rasheid Edwards
Show Details1hr 4min
Cracking the Federal Code to Million Dollar Government Contracts! Episode #23 w/Jason While
Show Details33min 15s
Giving it All Up for a Dream! Episode #22 w/Judith Maynard
Show Details38min 32s
Employed Millionaire: Episode #21 (Success Leaves Clues Podcast Re-Run)
Show Details24min 3s
The Mediocre Millionaire and Continuous Improvement: Episode #20 w/Gia Jordan
Show Details47min 22s
The 3 Step Formula to Wealth Building! Episode #19 w/Marlon Walls
Show Details51min 39s
Making Millions in Real Estate While in the Military! Episode 18 w/Johnny Lynum
Show Details42min 9s
SURVIVING COVID AND FINDING YOUR GIFT! Episode #17 w/Deion Campbell aka King Legend
Show Details59min 37s
Success is a combination of Resilience and Patience: Episode #16 w/Tanesha West-Senclair
Show Details38min
The Ultimate Self Care | Coaching Owners to Six Figures! Episode #15 w/Tanya Kelker
Show Details54min 7s
Using Credit for Fuel Your AirBnB Business! Episode #14 w/Carl Gassoway
Show Details45min 28s
Salon Owner Buys Her Son a Trucking Company! Episode #13 w/Kammi Holt
Show Details40min 5s
How to Start a Clothing Brand and Make a Fortune! Episode #12 w/Oceana Howard
Show Details33min 6s
Turning $500 into a Restaurant Empire: Episode #11 w/True
Show Details40min 8s
Becoming The Top 1 Percent: Episode #10 w/Dr. Tashan Duff
Show Details1hr 4min
Nothings More Important Than Your Brand: Episode #09 w/DJ Lonnie B
Show Details39min 35s
Storm Leroy Becomes Millionaire While Working his 9-5 job: Episode 08 w/Storm Leroy
Show Details44min 37s
Show Details43min 43s
Teen Makes Six Figure Business Taking Selfies: Episode #06 w/Na'Zyia Washington
Show Details33min 42s
Saving Communities and Building a Juice Business: Episode #05/w Ryan Williams
Show Details54min 23s
Building Credit and Making Millions: Episode 04 w/Isaiah Taylor
Show Details45min 5s
Over 6 Million in Real Estate and Teaching Others to do the Same: Episode #03 w/LaToya Washington
Show Details53min 21s
Teaching Our Youth to Own Nike and Apple: Episode #02 w/Kerwyn Phillip
Show Details40min 12s
Troubled Student turns Superintendent: Episode #01 w/Dr. Brian Nichols
Show Details39min 10s
Success Leaves Clues Podcast Introduction
Show Details4min 23s