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Pages Of My Diary

Hey, I'm Casey Sana, a musician who has just released their latest album The Human Experience. Over the course of creating the project, I kept a diary to document everything that was going on, and now I've decided to turn that diary into a podcast to share the journey with you!

Every Monday I'll take you inside the pages of my diary as we look back at the process of writing, recording and releasing The Human Experience, as well as giving context to some of the key events that helped shape the project.

The podcast may be centred around music, but my skill for going off on long tangents takes us to some pretty interesting and amazing places - welcome to the POMD Podcast!


EP24// Quitting My Job at 500 Subscribers…
Show Details23min 49s
EP23 // You Wont Feel This Way Forever…
Show Details22min 14s
EP22 // So, I Hired A PR Company…
Show Details24min 24s
Show Details26min 52s
Show Details22min 13s
EP19//Don’t Worry About the ‘How’…
Show Details27min 47s
EP18 // “The Maliblu Box Project”
Show Details34min 54s
EP17 // Sometimes Things Go Wrong…
Show Details31min 17s
EP16 // Finding Unity in Our Differences
Show Details32min 33s
EP15//Consistency Over Intensity!
Show Details37min 12s
EP14// The Message Behind The Mask…
Show Details27min 23s
EP13// The 5 Step Guide To Writing a Hit…
Show Details36min 6s
EP12//Happily Exhausted
Show Details35min 32s
EP11//Ask And You Shall Receive…
Show Details29min 28s
EP10//New Years Resolutions…
Show Details35min 52s
EP9//Going To Space In A Cardboard Spaceship!
Show Details25min 16s
EP8//Leaving Home & The Next Chapter…
Show Details31min 34s
EP7//Easter Eggs In Music Videos…
Show Details29min 42s
EP6//Connor McGregor’s New Walkout Song?!
Show Details28min 43s
EP5//Which Decision Is The Right One To Make?
Show Details26min 11s
EP4//Is Writers Block Real?
Show Details22min 53s
EP3//Grab Your Snorkel, We’re Going DEEP!
Show Details26min 6s
EP2//The Song With No Name…
Show Details19min 14s
EP1//Where It All Began…
Show Details26min 1s
Introducing… The Pages Of My Diary Podcast
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