• #4 Feeling Lost

    "We give so much emphasis on 'finding your way','finding your passion' that we inevitably feel lost. Maybe this feeling of lostness is here to help us?"

    A sense of feeling lost can find us at any time in our lives. But what is it trying to tell us? In this episode we explore how this feeling may be a guide for us to explore. We cannot find something that isn't lost, so in the same way, a deeper understanding of ourselves begins with a feeling that calls us to adventure.

    13m - Mar 4, 2022
  • #3 Solitude and The Inner Voice

    "There is only one solitude, and it is large and not easy to bear." - Rainer Maria Rilke

    If we see our egos are a living, breathing interface between the world and our higher selves then we can see that we need to connect to the world in order to express ourselves but we also need to connect to our higher selves in order to know what to express. This is where the importance of solitude comes in.

    20m - Mar 1, 2022
  • #2 Knowledge and the Separation

    "The separation is not out there, it is in us. We don't divide the world, we divide ourselves."

    In this talk, we take a deep dive into the separation. This is the way our mind creates distinctions about the world and helps us navigate it with ease. But what lies behind distinctions? What are we seeking with the accumulation of knowledge?

    This is what we aim to explore in this discussion.

    E2 - 19m - Feb 26, 2022
  • #1 Where it all started from

    "Happiness is something we all go towards but pain is something we shy away from..."

    It all started when I realized what kind of life was setup for me after college. From there, I had a life that taught me a lot and formed the current basis for this episode on We Get to Live.

    What is this podcast going to be about?

    E1 - 19m - Feb 21, 2022
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