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The Youth Of The Nation

Are you sick of the mainstream media's lies? What about the corruption of our Politicians? So are we! Join Tyler, Grayson, and Producer Kaden every Thursday as we discuss the news, politics, and Florida Man stories. We bring you sketches, guests, and more from a Conservative perspective!


147. Ed Humphrey's On Republican Corruption
Show Details18min 23s
146. Disinformation Governance Board?!?! The War On Free Speech Continues!
Show Details1hr 28min
Rich Hall - Salon Sunday #22
Show Details52min 16s
145. Libs Of Tik Tok DOXXED By Crying Lying "Journalist"
Show Details50min 24s
143. Live Fact Checking! Biden's State Of The Union
Show Details2hr 3min
142. The Mob Want's To Get Rid Of Joe Rogan ENTIRELY! Don't Apologize To The Mob
Show Details1hr 3min
Ammon Bundy - Salon Sunday #21
Show Details37min 40s
141. CNN Is FULL Of Degenerates! Exposing CNN!
Show Details1hr 15min
Ed Humphreys - Salon Sunday #20
Show Details38min 36s
140. Monkey's Escape From Truck? And Fauci Has A Monkey Torture Island?
Show Details1hr 14min
139. One Year Of The Biden Administration, And America Is Not On A Good Path!
Show Details1hr 38min
138. Democracy Is Nearly Dead? Debunking January 6th Myths!
Show Details1hr 15min
137. Christmas Q&A Livestream!
Show Details1hr 6min
136. WTH!!! The CIA Covered For Pedophiles! Accountability NOW!
Show Details1hr 17min
135. You Want To Cancel Thanksgiving? OVER MY TURKEY'S DEAD BODY!
Show Details1hr 12min
Branden Durst - Salon Sunday #19
Show Details44min 23s
134. Kyle Rittenhouse Is COMPLETELY Innocent! Also the FBI Is Corrupt! #freekyle
Show Details1hr 37min
PREMIERE!!! Politically Insane Is Finally Out!
Show Details12min 6s
133. We Were Right! The Wuhan Lab WAS Funded By The NIH!
Show Details1hr 1min
132. Why Is Our Government So Corrupt? Conversation With Evan Jaqua!
Show Details1hr 25min
131. Did Jen Psaki Break The Law? Also The Biden Administration Wants To Spy On You!
Show Details51min 5s
130. A Teenage Girl Was RAPED In he Girls Bathroom, And The School COVERED IT UP!
Show Details1hr 9min
129. The Facebook Whistleblower Is A FRAUD! #EXPOSED
Show Details52min 38s
128. America Is The GREATEST Country On The Face Of The Earth! Here's Why!
Show Details49min 2s
127. Who's Border Was Better? Trump Of Biden?
Show Details1hr 12min
BONUS: Reacting To Fat Acceptance TikToks
Show Details16min 17s
Jonathan Jenkins - Salon Sunday #18
Show Details1hr 5min
126. COVID-19 Was Released INTENTIONALLY! New Leaked Documents Prove It!
Show Details1hr 6min
124. Teacher Quits Because Of "MAGA @$$holes!" And Accuses Them Trying To KILL Her!
Show Details1hr 2min
123. Everything They Accused Trump Of, Biden Is DOING!
Show Details54min 50s
Jerry Solis - Salon Sunday #17
Show Details49min 24s
122. Rest In Piece Norm Macdonald, Your Comedy Will Live On Forever
Show Details58min 57s
121. The Most Secure Election Ever? Let's Take A Look!
Show Details1hr 11min
Abby Rancour - Salon Sunday #16
Show Details1hr 5min
Chris Russell - Salon Sunday #15
Show Details55min 54s
120. The Case Against The Pro Abortion Movement
Show Details1hr 5min
119. 1 Year Of Logic, Facts, Reason And My Annoying Voice!
Show Details47min 20s
118. Joe Biden's Withdraw Is A COMPLETE Failure, Heres Why!
Show Details1hr 4min
117. Psycho Professor Says White People Should Kill Themselves
Show Details1hr 2min
116. Is Democracy Doomed? (Guests Rich Procida and Noah Ring)
Show Details1hr 26min
115. People Are Going To Disagree With You, Welcome To Real Life!
Show Details1hr 7min
Katy Talento - Salon Sunday #14
Show Details48min 12s
Programming Note: 1 Week Break From The Show
Show Details2min 41s
114. California SUCKS! Let Me Tell You Why
Show Details1hr 6min
112. Alex Jones WAS Right! They ARE Experimenting On Aborted Fetuses! #defundplannedparenthood
Show Details56min 16s
Free Independent Thinkers Society - Salon Sunday #13
Show Details33min 40s
111. Mask Mandates In School Are COMPLETELY Anti-Science!
Show Details1hr 1min
110. You And Your Grandma Better Run, Cuomo Is Coming!
Show Details1hr 1min
109. LIVE: Don't Listen To The Public Health Experts! There A Bunch Of Liars!
Show Details1hr 26min
BONUS: Reacting To The Wokest Band EVER
Show Details12min 9s
108. Fauci Lied The ENTIRE Pandemic!
Show Details1hr 5min
107. The Left Is Right, The Justice System Is Broken, But Not In The Way They Think
Show Details1hr 4min
106. The NSA Spied On Tucker Carlson, I'll Prove It
Show Details59min 12s
Jay Shukar - Salon Sunday #12
Show Details52min 15s
105. Joe Biden Is ATTACKING The First Amendment!
Show Details1hr 4min
Peter Serefine - Salon Sunday #11
Show Details45min 30s
104. Gru Is A White Supremacist!
Show Details47min 45s
Jason Szeftel - Salon Sunday #10
Show Details51min 49s
103. Republicans Are NOT The Ones Defunding The Police
Show Details1hr 5min
102. Debunking Lori Lightfoot's ABSURD Gun Law Claims
Show Details1hr 14min
101. Our Elites Hate America
Show Details49min 46s
100. One Hundred Episodes Into This Trainwreck
Show Details1hr 10min
Jim Stroud - Salon Sunday #9
Show Details44min 2s
99. Capitalism V.S Democratic Socialism - Dan McCroy Debate
Show Details1hr 4min
98. The American Flag IS Inclusive!!!
Show Details1hr 12min
97. W.H.O Doesn't Want Your Kids To Get Vaccinated!
Show Details48min 26s
96. Debunking Plus Sized Lies
Show Details49min 16s
Owen Stevens - Salon Sunday #8
Show Details50min 31s
92. No, Lockdown States ARE The Loser States
Show Details58min 16s
91. Fact Check: Trump Never Said He Would Be Reinstated
Show Details1hr 11min
90. Producer Kaden Strikes Again!
Show Details45min 8s
89. Antifa And WW2 Soldiers Are NOT The Same!!!
Show Details1hr 5min
Noah Ring - Salon Sunday #7
Show Details53min 45s
88. We Have A CRIME Problem, Not A Gun Problem
Show Details41min 49s
87. DEBUNKING Leftist Myths About The Education System
Show Details1hr 5min
86. Anti Semites STOP NOW!!!
Show Details59min 44s
84. Kids DON'T Need To Wear Masks and Heres Why
Show Details57min 41s
83. Will Roe V Wade Be Overturned?
Show Details55min 21s
82. No CDC You DON'T Tell Us What to Do
Show Details59min 31s
79. Canada, The Land Of The NOT So Free
Show Details40min 20s
78. Abolishing The Police HURTS Black America
Show Details53min 18s
76. Caitlyn Jenner Is MORE Reasonable Than Gov. Newsome On Transgender Policy
Show Details1hr
75. DEBUNKING The Gun Control Left
Show Details57min
Mitchell Gerber - Salon Sunday Ep.5
Show Details52min 18s
74. Three Men And A Baby
Show Details51min 51s
73. There Is No 'Equality' in The Equality Act
Show Details50min 8s
72. Fight Like Hell Against Cancel Culture
Show Details57min 10s
71. When Politics Hurts Kids
Show Details57min 9s
70. Math Is Racist
Show Details49min 48s
69. The Attack On Out Rights
Show Details39min 58s
68. The Worst Virus Is Selfishness
Show Details40min 10s
67. The American National Razor
Show Details45min 7s
John Edminston - Salon Sunday Ep.4
Show Details35min 26s
66. The Case Against Impeachment
Show Details47min 30s
65. Andrew Cuomo Is Nowhere Near Stellar!
Show Details44min 23s
64. Who Needs Rights?
Show Details41min 8s
63. The Great Reset
Show Details36min 57s
62. The Media Worships Biden
Show Details42min 11s
Josh Mahler - Salon Sunday Ep.3
Show Details39min 24s
61. MAGA Is Gone, For Now...
Show Details37min 51s
60. Deprogram The 1619 Project
Show Details32min 41s
59. The Left Is Abandoning MLK - A Tribute To MLK
Show Details34min 21s
Steve Connally - Salon Sunday Ep.2
Show Details33min 24s
57. The Cultural Battle Begins
Show Details31min 40s
56. Joe Biden's America
Show Details36min 2s
55. Get Ready For Another Great Year... Maybe?
Show Details34min 8s
54. "Democracy is Doomed," says CNN
Show Details44min 40s
53. Cummo Almighty!
Show Details26min 53s
52. The Fauci Who Cried Wolf
Show Details40min 31s
Trent Gander - Salon Sunday Ep.1
Show Details35min 22s
50. Merry Christmas To All!!!
Show Details39min 10s
49. Congress Wastes More Money
Show Details38min 13s
48. Programming Note - New Weekly Schedule
Show Details2min 28s
47. The Left's "Equality" Will Never Happen
Show Details41min 40s
46. Why Georgia Why
Show Details50min 26s
45. America, It's Time For Us To Wake Up!
Show Details36min 45s
44. Our Socialists Are Rich Spoiled Brats
Show Details37min 30s
43. Let’s Be Friends With The People Who Want Us Dead
Show Details35min 42s
42. Sidney Powell Is Kraken The Case In Georgia!
Show Details46min 50s
41. The Racist Double Standard
Show Details30min 44s
39. Closing Schools is a Bad Idea, Here's Why
Show Details39min 40s
38. The Left Have Corrupted Our Public Schools
Show Details35min 51s
37. "Unity" Means Abandoning Your Beliefs
Show Details33min 26s
36. Dead People Can Vote, Well At Least For Democrats
Show Details33min 24s
35. BLM Wants More From The People Who Let Them Burn Our Cities
Show Details39min 31s
34. Guess what! There's More Hypocrites in Politics!
Show Details31min 58s
33. Biden "Crushes the Virus" after "Crushing" Trump
Show Details35min
32. Joe Biden Wins, Or Has He?
Show Details35min
31. The Fall Of America Starts In Kentucky.
Show Details34min 24s
30. Who Won???
Show Details26min 56s
29. The Election Special!
Show Details1hr 23min
28. Pre Election Message
Show Details2min 57s
27. We Are One Day From The Election!
Show Details32min 57s
26. "What's on the Ballot?" With Karyn Turk
Show Details34min
24. Terrorists for Racial Justice!
Show Details32min 5s