Burnout and Stress: The Body Speaks

Season 1 | Episode 39
35m | Nov 4, 2023

If you have been following our research at VOCA Center, you know that the top two problems workers are facing this year are being overwhelmed and burned out. So, recently we created a new coaching program to help. It’s called the Burnout Recovery Program.

This program includes assessments, coaching, and access to our learning management system that guides you through the recovery process. To create content for our programs we often invite experts in the field to offer their insight and wisdom. For the Burnout Recovery Program, we feature an interview with Sharon Kinard, a registered nurse, ministry leader, and family therapist.

This episode is a short excerpt from that longer conversation that you get in the program. Sharon covered variety of topics related to burnout and had particular insights into the body, and what it might be telling us about what’s going on in our heads and hearts when we are under stress and approaching the burnout stage.

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