Legion of Michael

The Legion of Michael follows the example of its namesake; Michael the Archangel. The Holy Bible is filled with examples of how we should live and behave. Michael is a fighter, a righteous defender of the faith and the faithful.

During the Legion of Michael podcast, we will address ways to be bold and fearless in the face of evil. We will provide encouragement, enlightenment, and Biblical affirmation for the Christian soldier. Join us. Be bold. Be courageous. Be a defender of the faith. Visit


Dealing with Age Old Problems
Show Details21min 29s
Where is Your Faith?
Show Details16min 55s
A Tale of Good vs. Evil
Show Details20min 39s
God is Not a New Age Parent
Show Details22min 21s
Luther and Subjugation to God
Show Details22min 8s
Season of Rejuvenation
Show Details23min 52s
The Patience of a Saint
Show Details28min 12s
Pray for the Holy Spirit
Show Details30min 18s
Christian Browsers
Show Details27min 29s
We Have Forgotten
Show Details12min 56s
Return to God and Reject the Disciples of Satan
Show Details24min 54s
Christians and the Law
Show Details29min 42s
Deadly Persecution Underway
Show Details19min 44s
God Loves Liberty
Show Details27min 53s
The Value of Camaraderie
Show Details18min 25s
Dealing with Hard Headed People
Show Details19min 30s
Checking in on your Team
Show Details15min 9s
Seven Years of Famine
Show Details22min 24s
Malum In Se vs Malum Prohibitum
Show Details29min 38s
Praying for Miracles
Show Details26min 22s
To Worship the State
Show Details26min 53s
To Carry the Sword
Show Details34min 54s
Shame Month
Show Details37min 11s
Team Support
Show Details16min 54s
Acknowledging Blessings
Show Details19min 45s
The Sin of Covetousness
Show Details29min 38s
Blind to the Truth
Show Details26min 39s
Coexisting with Evil
Show Details29min 58s
Training Your Team
Show Details28min 21s
Be Strong and of Good Faith
Show Details24min 33s
Worshiping Kings
Show Details28min 59s
Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant
Show Details24min 37s
Engaging the Flock
Show Details27min 51s
God is my Spotter, w/ Jeff Hoffman
Show Details37min 56s
Recruiting Your Team
Show Details31min 59s
Fire Insurance Christians with James Yeager
Show Details38min
Rebuking Evil
Show Details32min 56s
Built Upon the Rock - Our Foundation
Show Details44min 38s
Welcome to Legion of Michael
Show Details51min 3s