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The BadassFabulous Podcast

Want to go from a Beautiful Mess to a Fabulous Glory? 

Join Pej, also known as the "Chief Encouragement Officer" of the World, as she interviews experts and fellow ‘BadassFabulouses’ and shares weekly fun and deep insights into how you can become a person of excellence, a person who becomes more fearless and unapologetic daily, in being who they were created to be in the world.

The BadassFabulous podcasts discusses ways to become more aware of your journey to improved well-being and self-mastery, by cultivating self-truth while coming from a place of love, sincerity and truth. This is the new destination for you to learn to improve your Self-Truth, which is uncovering a bit more of who you really are consistently or daily and having the courage to step into the truth uncovered. This leads you to knowing your capacity and believing and trusting in yourself more.

 'Badass' stands for courage - big or small steps taken towards your life's purpose, while 'Fabulous,' stands for the growth and fruits (desired results), that comes after any courageous step is taken.

The BadassFabulous podcast presents tools that help you align your body, mind, soul and actions to God, while improving your integrity, commitment and consistency skills, which are needed for you to become BadassFabulous! This is a fun path to wholeness and self-mastery, so join us and become more BadassFabulous! 



EP 027: It's a New Year! Eff Your Resolutions and Go within Instead!
Show Details25min 1s
EP 026: A Love Filled - BadassFabulous Christmas
Show Details13min 18s
EP 025: Enjoying Prayer Again - How to Pray and Get Your Prayers Answered
Show Details31min 30s
EP 024: Nadine Kelly - A Journey Outside the Comfort Zone.
Show Details54min 35s
EP 023: Introducing "Your Daily Badassery" -Enjoy the Journey
Show Details2min 30s
EP 022: New Year, Same You?
Show Details14min 53s
EP 021: Make Decisions Boldly, Part 4: Your Loving and Enjoying Your Space
Show Details19min 20s
EP 020: Making Decisions Boldly PART 3: DEEP REST
Show Details14min 39s
EP 019: Make Decisions Boldly - PART 2: Which Vision Drives You?
Show Details21min 14s
EP 018: EP 018: Make decisions Boldly- Part 1
Show Details16min 49s
EP 017: BadassFabulous Guided Calming and Heart Clearing Meditation- BONUS
Show Details24min 27s
EP 016: Blah or Bold! - The Best way to receive Divine Fulfillment
Show Details22min 12s
EP 015: The Power of Not Knowing!
Show Details22min 39s
EP 014: Navigating Modern Friendships and Finding Balance with the "Busyness" of Life, with guest Julie Schecter - Founder of Small Packages.
Show Details50min 56s
EP 013: It's Time For Take-Off.
Show Details13min 20s
EP 012: The Greatest Story Ever Told - Part 2
Show Details21min 1s
EP 011: The Greatest Story Ever Told - Part 1
Show Details24min 45s
Show Details21min 47s
EP 009: Wholeness and Fuel For the Soul
Show Details33min 54s
EP 008: Planning For Your Greatness
Show Details30min 9s
EP 007: The Forgotten Message of Christmas
Show Details9min 9s
EP 006: How Self Image Governs your Self Worth and Results in life
Show Details42min 17s
EP 005: How to Live a Fulfilling Life Everyday With Dean Bokhari
Show Details1hr 5min
EP 004: Why Self-Truth is the New Self-Love.
Show Details18min 57s
EP 003: The Secret Sauce to Being Fulfilled in Life
Show Details27min 29s
EP 002: BadassFabulous Divine Alignment
Show Details33min 3s
EP 001: The BadassFabulous Journey
Show Details18min 31s
TRAILER: The BadassFabulous Podcast Loading
Show Details1min 28s