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Kewpie Kickoff

Kewpie Kickoff is all about getting to know all the sides of our student-athletes a little bit better. Sure, we might know all about their All-State Finishes, or the buzzer-beater to win the conference title, or their combined 8 home runs and .370 batting average for a season, but that is just the beginning. Kewpie Kickoff benches the basic stereotypes of how we see our student-athletes and tackles topics within the world of sports and out.   


Running Forward
Show Details56min 49s
Sports: More Than a Team, a Brotherhood
Show Details25min 38s
Soles and Legends of the Field
Show Details30min 53s
Backyards and Bruises
Show Details21min 11s
Welcome to Kewpie Kickoff
Show Details1min 51s