• S2 E5 Ballroom in the Box Room

    In Ballroom in the Boxroom, we discover that Lily has a secret. She is pretending to be shielding to escape unwelcome visitors. But when she calls on the services of an unsuspecting locksmith, should he cross the threshold or should he bolt from the box room?

    12m | Dec 20, 2020
  • S2 E4 Soul Mate Scott

    Scott is a radio presenter working the graveyard shift. He is popular with his fan base of night shift workers and insomniacs. But who is there for Scott in the wee small hours?

    13m | Dec 6, 2020
  • S2 E3 Hugs for Hornpipe

    In Hugs for Hornpipe Sarah finds it hard to explain the coronavirus to her three year old son Ben. She phones her mum who is also finding the situation hard as she misses cuddles with her grandson. Will Ben be able to comprehend social distancing or is it more than he can bear?

    15m | Nov 22, 2020
  • S2 E2 Not Abseiling

    Malcolm has worked hard during the corona crisis at the engineering plant where he is employed but sales have plummeted and he has been given his notice. Will a series of chance encounters on the rooftop where he is pondering his dramatic next step change his fate?

    14m | Nov 8, 2020
  • S2 E1 Recline & Rinse

    In Recline & Rinse we meet Daniel an incompetent dentist that has been called in to work during the pandemic due to staff shortages. Will Daniel get away with his unskilled meddling with molars or will he escape by the skin of his teeth?

    15m | Oct 25, 2020
  • S1 E5 In A Tight Corner

    In this episode of Head Pieces we join Chris who is working hard as a nurse in the front-line at a London hospital during the coronavirus crisis. Chris has found the challenges he faces are not just on the wards. There are also pressures from well-meaning members of the public. He finds refuge in a cupboard where he shares his problems with a sympathetic cleaner who is turning a blind eye to him hiding amongst the mops and buckets. But is Chris’ cupboard sanctuary the safe haven that he hopes for?

    12m | Aug 17, 2020
  • S1 E4 Quite Confidential

    In Quite Confidential, Susan is struggling to come to terms with some issues with her mum and lockdown regulations are presenting hurdles that seem insurmountable to overcome. Her problems have come to a head due to visiting rules at the care home where her mum is being looked after. Distraught and stressed she has followed her GP’s recommendation to talk to a counsellor. We join Susan at her first counselling session where she gets an unexpected resolution to her problem.

    16m | Aug 17, 2020
  • S1 E3 Getting Snookered

    In Getting Snookered we meet Pete, a prolific video logger who films daily updates of his life for his vlog. Pete has strong opinions, particularly regarding the coronavirus and he likes to try influence his followers. The pandemic has given Pete food for thought as he challenges perceived wisdom and encourages people to find local lockdown lock-ins. But is Pete on cue or will he get snookered?

    13m | Aug 17, 2020
  • S1 E2 First Flight to Faro

    In First Flight to Faro, Jamie’s working hard at a travel agency to live up to his customer service award, but his colleagues are furloughed and he’s struggling to keep all his plates spinning. As he’s left flying solo, the challenges push him to his limits. Does he buckle up for the bumpy ride or is it priority boarding for Jamie?

    16m | Aug 17, 2020
  • S1 E1 Losing Leonard

    In Losing Leonard we join Violet who is alone in the coronavirus lockdown with her dog Poppy. There is a lot that doesn’t make sense to Violet including the mobile phone that she calls the nubile and why people are keeping their distance. Violet has lived through a lot. She was a young girl when World War 2 broke out and she is coming to terms with the death of Leonard, her husband and childhood sweetheart. But is Violet being completely straight with people?

    13m | Aug 17, 2020
  • Introducing Head Pieces

    Head Pieces launches with ‘Tales of Two Metres’ - a collection of dramatic monologues featuring individuals living through the coronavirus pandemic.

    0m | Aug 17, 2020
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