#123 - End of Free Speech? Sound of Freedom CANCELED? Holy Gospel!

16m | Jul 15, 2023

President Bidens administration appeals judges order that limits it's contact with social media companies. Is this the end of freedom of speech? Where is the equality in a government controlling what people can say on private platforms?

The Sound of Freedom is becoming a box office hit! The news seems to have a different opinion of it. What does a movie about justice for children have to do with conspiracy theorists? Jim Caviezel stars in this epic film about a hero law enforcement officer who goes on a mission to save children and create peace. This mystery crime drama based on a true story is not one to miss!

For the Holy Gospel verse of the week, I quote Isaiah 6:8. It's time to take responsibility for our actions. Feel free to leave a comment asking me about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! I believe you are reading this for a reason! Jesus loves you friend. God bless.

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