#111 - Trump Arrested?! Don Lemon CANCELED? Hasbullah Drama!

18m | Apr 8, 2023

Trump is ARRESTED?! Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged Former President Trump with over 30 counts of falsifying business records. Do you think this is right? Crime is surging in New York City and residents both democrat and republican are confused as to why the DA won't target rampant crime in their own city.

Don Lemon is Canceled? CNN anchor Don Lemon is under scrutiny over alleged sexual harassment, fat shaming and racism. Variety Magazine author Tatiana Siegel wrote a scathing article bringing to light these allegations. Don Lemon has also been under fire for claiming Presidential candidate Nikki Haley wasn't viable because she wasn't in her prime, which doesn't seem very feminist to those who endorse women empowerment.

Hasbullah is recorded allegedly abusing his cat! InsideHistory posted a video of Hasbullah allegedly harming his own pet cat, which many believe is animal abuse.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is the number 1 movie in America right now. This popular film is based on the long popular board game of the same name. This fictional action adventure film is sure to please many! Chris Pine knocks it out of the park with an all star cast and extremely high ratings on the famous film critic site Rotten Tomatoes. Will this topple World of Warcraft in the box office? How much money will this film make?

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