#115 - CNN Meltdown Over Trump!

17m | May 19, 2023

Jordan Neely, a Homeless individual in NYC who allegedly was threatening to kill terrified bystanders on a subway train in NYC, was fatally restrained by Daniel Penny, a Former Marine who served our country. The marine

restrained Jordan Neely, who has committed multiple violent crimes including having been arrested for assaulting a 67-year-old woman leaving a subway station in 2021. This story is trending across the country and is a popular debate among the political spectrum.

Daniel Penny may be facing up to 15 years in prison for second degree manslaughter. Celebrities like Kid Rock have contributed almost 2 million dollars for the legal defense funds of Daniel Penny.

A witness told the New York Post the following -

"He said, ‘I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet, I’ll go to jail’ because he would kill people on the train," a 66-year-old woman said of Neely's tirade. "He said, ‘I would kill a motherf—er. I don’t care. I’ll take a bullet. I’ll go to jail. Is New York City doing enough to care for it's mentally ill individuals? Could this have been avoided? Was this murder or self defense?

After that, ’Trump Town hall video is going viral. Why won’t CNN release the uncut footage on YouTube? Are they trying to hide something? Kaitlan Collins, the moderator for CNN asked Former President Donald Trump many questions and they didn't seem to go to plan. Was this drama helpful or damaging to the Trump Campaign? Why are democrats mad at CNN?

Finally, what is Title 42 and what effect will it have on our borders? The US Mexico border is in a dramatic state as title 42 ends and migrants surge for the US border. President Joe Biden has sent an additional surplus of troops to assist the US border patrol in maintaining border security. What is the meaning of this? Is this a crisis? What is the future of immigration and the status of immigrants in the United States of America?

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