#108 - Banks FAIL? Russia ATTACKS USA?

17m | Mar 17, 2023

First up, Why are banks failing? The Silicon Valley Bank is one of 3 banks that have FAILED in the last couple of weeks. What does this mean for cryptocurrency? Are the large banks like Bank of America and Chase next? Why are people panic withdrawing their accounts from banks that have nothing to do with this? Maybe it's time to talk with a financial advisor! Is our money safer with us or inside of a bank? These are questions the people in our society are asking right now.

After that. we discuss the Russian Fighter Jet attack on a United States Predator drone over the Black Sea. A Russian fighter pilot dumped fuel onto the drone and allegedly accidentally collided with the propeller of the drone itself, causing it to crash into the Black Sea. The Russian Navy is trying to gather it's remains as we speak for possible intelligence. General Milley states that there is likely no intelligence to be had and that the wreckage is under 4,000 feet of water, making it hard or even impossible to retrieve, although Russia states that it indeed does have the means for the recovery operation.

We discuss all of these hot trending topics on this weeks episode of Everyone is Canceled.

In this show we also have the weekly "Dank Memes Show"! I react to the most popular memes of the internet so you don't have to. Bringing social media to YouTube shorts has never been better! Reactions FTW!

I host the AI Art Gallery show, a new show, showcasing brand new, never before seen Artificial Intelligence based art created by myself, Dylan Randall! From politics to most trending topics, this art is inspired by society and the world state.

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