#112 - Bud Light & Women CANCELED?

21m | Apr 14, 2023

Anheuser Busch has reportedly lost over 5 billion dollars in the stock market seemingly overnight from allegedly placing transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney on their cans as a sponsor. What critics are calling a "woke" trend is when companies get political and lose money. Kid Rock even displayed his shooting of a stack of bud light cans with a seemingly automatic weapon in revolt against the companies latest PR move. Do you agree with this political strategy? Is this fair? Will you still drink this beer? It seems companies are getting canceled left and right nowadays!

The BBC recently attempted to conduct an interview with Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The tables were turned quickly when the BBC Journalist asked Elon Musk about Twitter allowing hate speech. When Elon Musk asked for examples, the journalist claimed to have seen hate speech on Twitter but could not name a single example. Elon Musk proceeded to question him while the journalist continued to be unable to back up his claim that hate speech was prevalent on Twitter. Elon then claimed the journalist was lying and things started to get heated. What kind of psychology do you believe was deployed here? What do you think about this recent interview? Let me know in the comments below!

Riley Gaines, a former women's NCAA swimming champion was reportedly BEATEN by a mob at San Fransisco State University for allegedly speaking out against brutality towards women. When Riley Gaines became uncomfortable in a women's locker room when exposed to what they are calling a "biological man", she simply wanted to express her safety concerns with the public at an educational institution. When she tried, she was allegedly brutally beaten by what they are calling "a biological man" for speaking out. She was then allegedly held hostage in a room on campus for 3 hours as Police failed to respond quickly to getting her out. The mob waited outside demanding money from Riley Gaines as she was barricaded in a room for her safety. Do you agree with this movement? Does the transgender community have a say in this? What is going on exactly in this trending news topic?

I post memes so you don't have to. I review the best and funny memes of the week and react to them. This one ups reaction videos and takes the comments section to a whole new level. Comedy evolves so we don't have to. Wait, is that how that joke goes? Anyways, enjoy!

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