#107 - Tom Brady NOT Retired? Americans Kidnapped?

15m | Mar 15, 2023

Tom Brady from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is rumored to be coming out of retirement for a 2nd time to join the Miami Dolphins of Florida! Scott Zolak, the radio broadcaster for the New England Patriots has allegedly heard rumors of a Tom Brady comeback in the NFL. Will this football legend join every NFL team to exist breaking every record? What does his family think? Does his posts on social media reflect any clues to his announcement to retire?

After that. we discuss the kidnapping of four Americans across the border of Mexica only ten minutes from the state of Texas. Allegedly, these four Americans went to Mexico for a medical procedure, only to get kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel. Two survived, the other two were murdered. The Gulf Cartel turned in it's own members responsible to law enforcement authorities, stating that they went against their own code of leaving innocent civilians alone. Senator Dan Crenshaw among other politicians are calling for US intervention in Mexico to stop crime. Do you agree with this stance?

We discuss all of these hot trending topics on this weeks episode of Everyone is Canceled.

In this show we also have the weekly "Dank Memes Show"! I react to the most popular memes of the internet so you don't have to. Bringing social media to YouTube shorts has never been better! Reactions FTW!

Then up after that, the movie review of the week! I discuss The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana De Armis! This hit action movie by Netflix, released in 2022, is an interesting thriller comedy with curve balls thrown into the mix. The stunts are amazing along with the effects. Even the sound and movie score was incredible! The story is second to none and the characters are captivating. Don't miss out on my lucky charm rating system!

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