#110 - Nashville Shooting, Chinas NUKES, Cocaine Bear!?

26m | Apr 3, 2023

Audrey Hale committed a mass shooting at a Christian School in Nashville Tennessee. The topic of school shootings is sadly a constantly growing topic in our country of the United States of America. Will Gun control work? Do gun laws work? What can stop these mass murders from happening again? Do firearms need to be illegal? What are the case studies to support any side of the political argument? Do combat veterans get a say in who protects these schools? How can we strengthen the security of the youth?

China is becoming increasingly powerful and a US Air Force secretary says he's seen nothing more disturbing than Chinas build up of it's nuclear arsenal of warheads. With Ukraine on all of our minds, Chinas next moves seem to be on the horizon. Is war avoidable at this point? Who will be the worlds next super powers if nothing is changed in this political climate?

The 2023 Movie "Cocaine Bear" is a top ten movie in the United States created by Universal Pictures! It is based on the true story of a bear in Georgia overdosing on Cocaine in 1985 after an ex cop dumped the drug over the Georgia forest. The plane load was too heavy and he was forced to dump this drug out over the wilderness. Well a 185 pound black bear found it and experimented with this drug. The film is a horror comedy film of fiction. The bear did not actually kill anyone and the country singer Waylon Jennings actually bought the corpse of the bear and had it stuffed! This is a wild story that is trending across the nation right now.

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