#113 - Attack on Christians? Bud Light DEAD? Chicago Riots!

22m | Apr 22, 2023

Anheuser Busch has reportedly lost over 5 billion dollars in the stock market seemingly overnight from allegedly placing transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney on their cans as a sponsor. What critics are calling a "woke" trend is when companies get political and lose money. Kid Rock even displayed his shooting of a stack of bud light cans with a seemingly automatic weapon in revolt against the companies latest PR move. Do you agree with this political strategy? Is this fair? Will you still drink this beer? It seems companies are getting canceled left and right nowadays!

Patti Lupone recently went on The View to express her opinion that the Christian Right is like the Taliban. Is there any truth to this? We explore her statement on this show along with Whoopi Goldbergs response.

Perhaps the BEST footage of a UFO was captured over Colombia from a private pilot. Is this proof of anti gravity technology? Do aliens exist? Is this some secret conspiracy theory to keep secret government air craft off of our radar?

Rioter beat an innocent woman in Chicago this past week and the news is horrifying. Chicago mayor said something along the lines of we should not "demonize the rioters", although many in Chicago fear for their lives. What is happening? Is this because of racism? Why did Walmart remove its stores from Chicago? Is this the fault of corporate America?

Nintendo, the video game company, recently released a Super Mario Bros movie starring Chris Pratt and Jack Black as Bowser! This video game adaptation has raving reviews from fans and mediocre reviews from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Is this political? What is the deal with fans loving something and critics saying it's bad? Is it because it's not woke enough? Anyway, the movie is making a huge profit around the world! With the classic villain, Bowser taking the lead, it is up to Mario Princess Peach to stop him! This exciting action, adventure and comedy is sure to grab many fans and send people to the theatre once more for a heartfelt memory of their favorite, nostalgic childhood game. Don't miss this classic in the making! Thank you for watching my movie reviews!

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