• Admit ; it's not OK.
    As tough as it may be to admit that we are in toxic relationships, it's one of those situations that anyone in it needs to face.

    Here are a few pointers that may help de-mystify the situation.


    Someone who has been abused may not realize that there are other, healthier ways of going about your relationships.

    ##An Attempt to Heal
    The logic behind this is that By becoming an abuser, a former victim can try to undo the abuse by taking the opposite position hoping that they can get it right this time.

    Feeling of Inadequacy
    You may feel that you are not good enough to deserve a genuinely caring relationship.

    Reversing the roles for power and control
    This could be an attempt to overcome the powerlessness you felt when you were being abused.

    You may or not realize this but the reality is one tends carry a lot of anger about what happened to them and abuse can be a way to express that anger.

    ##The lie Feels Safer Than Reality
    There are moments when the pain is all we know.

    In case you doubt anything within your gut, just seek help.
    S1 - 7m - Apr 19, 2021
  • Life on Life journey with Mike and Mo'
    Making friends for sure takes time. Keeping really good friends can make a world of difference
    for your well-being.
    These relations can often become more important than family relationships over time.

    Mike and Maureen have been our life on life friends and are the 'iron' with which we get to sharpen ourselves.

    We've shared lots and in this episode, we get a glimpse of who they are.

    Mo's youtube channel is called This is life, with Mo,
    ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0sgIeZ8UhOYAe5Dx5aS4gw ) , head over there and get to watch and grow.
    S1 - 54m - Apr 5, 2021
  • A father's love is spelt as T.I.M.E #05
    Many men feel at a loss when it comes to father their sons/daughters. I know this fact as I am one.
    A father has got a great responsibility towards his children along with the whole family.

    In this episode, we strive to elaborate on the difference between fathering and fatherhood
    S1 - 58m - Sep 18, 2020
  • Beyond the B & S into Randomness #4
    One of the most important components of a successful relationship is the quality of friendship between partners and that requires knowing your partner.

    Having dated for a few years, one of the most fascinating aspects of our relationship is the fact that there will always be some newness between us and thus keeping the love alive.

    In this episode, we took on random questions and the answers were as interesting and shocking as they came, an exercise worth taking for any couple.
    S1 - 18m - Sep 11, 2020
  • The B’s and S’s in Our Story #03
    In this episode, we really enjoyed sharing about what’s important for our relationship and building on it,

    we hope that you’ll reach out and recognize what Building (B's) and Stumbling (S's) blocks are on your way so you can tackle them.

    Sharing is quite vulnerable! It’s vital to share how you feel, talk about how your partner’s behavior makes you feel even when it’s not easy or uncomfortable, work at it.

    As the first part of our conversation, we hope this content will help ensure that your partner
    doesn’t feel like it’s all on him or her, which will allow for a more open and calm dialogue between the two of you.
    S1 - 32m - Sep 8, 2020
  • How You Can Define Success. #02
    As I work through setting up, what would make this podcast a success?

    Through this experience and many others, I believe it's more about the journey than it is on the destination. #I Wasn't Taught That
    S1 - 6m - Aug 18, 2020
  • Intro Episode
    Welcome to a space for exploration and un-earthing convos that provide some freshness as we share thoughts and ideas on ambitions, memories, dreams and all that might be overlooked in our everyday thoughts yet we experience them. #Iwasn'tTaughtThat.
    S1 - 4m - Oct 18, 2019
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