Ep. 20 - "Very poor photos." The Backlash Is Coming.

1h 10m | Nov 29, 2022

After a very fun and successful PMRE Conference in Las Vegas, the Upmarket Gang returns home to California to face the music regarding several recent (and not-so-recent) photoshoots with disgruntled clients. Reed, Mark and Chelsea go blow-by-blow to walk the audience through a few of those "disasterous" shoots and then come up with some theories on why suddenly they're seeing increased issues with clients (Hint: it has to do with changing real estate market conditions!) This leads to a broader conversation on how to deal with ornery clients and what changes companies might think about making to nip these complaints in the bud. Which, leads to even more soul-searching and a dialogue about possibly changing the whole shooting style and process for Upmarket Media.

Then the three of them end the show with their Actions Items... things that any listener can do right now help lay the foundation for scaling their Real Estate Media Business.

Producer Chelsea's IG page is @feedingbeautiful and check our her wine shots at @pointdechene. Follow the pod at @upmarketpod.

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