Ep. 32 - Zillow Gone Wild!

1h 9m | May 9, 2023

After a heated back-and-forth in the Real Estate Media Facebook Group between a Zillow exec and some REP business owners (Reed included,) Upmarket thought it's just about time to do an episode focused on Zillow and their new ShowtingTime+ Listing Media Services. A representative from Zillow was invited to be on the show, and after enthusiastically agreeing to do it, eventually ended up pulling the plug on the appearance. The Pod waits for no Zillow rep, so Reed and Mark talk all things Zillow amongst themselves in this episode. Topics covered: Why REP's do not, ahem, like Zillow. How Zillow values REP's. The true motives behind Zillow launching ShowingTime+. Why RE agents do not, ahem, like Zillow. Under what circumstances Upmarket Media would offer Zillow 3D to their clients. Mark's accent. What Zillow can do solve their big problem of having MLS's downscale photos before syndication. AND MORE. Don't miss the flaming-hot takes raining down from this episode!!!!!

The guys end it with two more Action Items that listeners can use to help grow their Real Estate Media Businesses.

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