Two Rode Together

50m | Nov 9, 2023

When Sophia’s best friend passes away, she’s left feeling sad and lonely. The death has Dorothy contemplating the presumably short time she has left with her mother. Desperate to connect and share quality time, Dorothy takes Sophia on a vacation. But instead of amusement park rides and hats with ears, Dorothy wants to take Sophia down memory lane. Forcing Sophia to reminisce is actually forcing her away and Dorothy needs to do some damage control. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose have been left to their own devices and are constructing a children’s book of their own, or at least they thought they were. Will Blanche and Rose ever get their book or greeting card line off the ground? Will Dorothy realize she can’t be THAT selfish with her nostalgic needs? Will Sophia ever get off the ground and into space…mountain? All of that and more in today’s episode- Two Rode Together.

Always Be My Sisters