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The MinDful PharmD Podcast

Exploring the Mind through genuine conversations, thought provoking ideas, and the reality that the story of mental health is incomplete.


Dr. Marina Buksov - Marrying Science and Client Values
Show Details1hr 17min
Dr. Brittany McCoy - Taste the Rainbow!
Show Details43min 6s
Dr. Ashley Mak - I Fix Your Sciatica/You Can Change Your Mindset
Show Details1hr 1min
Avoiding Avoidance
Show Details33min 19s
Collin Angell - Music and Mindfulness
Show Details54min
Dr. Jamie Wilkey - Drugs, Genetics and Mental Health
Show Details38min 25s
Resilience Fund: How to Power Through When You Feel Powerless
Show Details39min 57s
Dr. Marina Buksov - Your Second Brain!
Show Details52min 13s
Happy New Mind!
Show Details19min 9s
Millicent Henry & Akema Young - Black Brilliance, Part 2
Show Details46min 18s
Millicent Henry & Akema Young - Black Brilliance, Part 1
Show Details46min 41s
A MindFul Welcome!
Show Details1min 43s
A Trailer, Oh MYnd!
Show Details4min 14s